What’s your strength and stamina worth?

Strong muscles and bones keep you moving with confidence.  And aerobic conditioning (stamina) enables an active life.  Strength and stamina together can change your world. 

I truly believe this.  And I watch it happen everyday in our personal training studio.  The first time clients get a sense of their strength, their eyes light up.  And when they realize that their increased stamina makes their lives more productive and more satisfying, they are grateful for their hard work in the gym.

Rosemary MacDonald builds her strength and fitness at Strand Fitness.

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Invest in your strength and stamina!

Many people struggle to make an investment in their fitness.  Shifting priorities, making the time, and expending the energy for change are necessary means to becoming stronger and more fit.  These are “personal assets” that one uses for fitness.  Deciding to “invest” these assets in fitness is a tough decision for some people.  Many walk away instead of figuring out a way to make strength and stamina happen in their lives.

Money is also part of the investment.  Spending money on equipment and/or apparel, a gym membership, or with a personal trainer can block the way for many people.  Fitness does not need to be expensive from a monetary standpoint.  Yet, many people don’t even consider putting the effort in to discover how to make it work within their budget.

Bosu Ball Balance

In addition to being the owner of Strand Fitness, Pam Strand trains four times a week with personal trainers.  Having a coach creates a perfect team for her as she works to be stronger and healthier as she ages. 

Those who do invest find the returns pretty amazing!

I started with Pam and her “family” of trainers over two years ago and the experience has been exactly what I hoped for.  Pam has always done a great job of listening to me, meeting me where I’m at, and helping me clarify my goals.  She teamed me with Greg, who’s been a fun and challenging “partner” throughout my fitness journey.  Each session, he leads me through a personalized workout that pushes me in an energetic and supportive way to become a healthier and happier person.  I’m far stronger and more fit.  I sleep better.  I think more clearly and am more productive in every area of my life.  All in all, I’m confident this has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made.  – Eric P.

What does being out of shape cost you?

When the recession hit in 2008, I had many clients reassess their daily expenses to conserve funds.  It was a little nerve wracking to be in these types of conversations.  Would they consider personal training a luxury or a necessity of their lives?

While a handful needed to cut back and suspend their training, most of my clients stayed with me.  They took a long term view of the value of their strength and conditioning; and they considered their time with me as an investment in their future. 

Read Strand Fitness client testimonials by clicking here.

One couple saw their fitness work as a savings of health care costs in the future.  And they figured they could reduce their medications (and associated costs) if their health indicators (e.g, blood pressure and cholesterol) continued to improve.  Another client said his work with me made him more productive in running his company; he’d be a less effective Owner/CEO without his strength and stamina.  He tied the bottom line of his company to his fitness level. 

Strand Fitness clients enjoy the welcoming and private environment of our studio.  Come get stronger and more fit with us!  Contact Pam to get started (630-653-8152; pstrand@pamstrand.com)

One of the most powerful testaments I have heard in my personal training career is from a client who felt that she would not live to see her grandchild grow up unless she began to take better care of herself. 

What is being out of shape costing you?  Are you participating in life the way you would like?  Or could your life be better if you were stronger and healthier?  These are important questions to ask yourself. 

A personal trainer can improve your “Fitness ROI”

Working with a personal trainer can improve your fitness results.  You will:

  • Be less likely to waste time figuring out what to do on your own.
  • Work more effectively and be challenged appropriately.
  • Be more accountable and disciplined.
  • Get better results than on your own. 

Many people can thrive on their own.  But I suspect a large majority of us work better when we are accountable to someone and have an expert leading us through a long-term, well-conceived plan.  I know I do. 

Even though I am a personal trainer, I hire personal trainers to help me with my fitness.  From my competitive swimming background, I learned that having a coach creates a perfect team for me.  I can concentrate fully on my physical and mental effort.  The coach is looking out for technique corrections and taking a longer term view of where I need to head to get stronger and more fit.  I would not be as strong and fit as I am without the support of my personal trainers along the way!  My strength and fitness empowers me and grounds me.  It is how I live the life that I do!

Build a stronger and healthier you at Strand Fitness!

And enjoy life more!



Strand Fitness is a fitness training center specializing in what it takes to be stronger and healthier as you age. 

We are located in Downtown Wheaton, IL.  We also serve Glen Ellyn, Winfield, Carol Stream, and Chicago’s Western Suburbs.

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About Pam Strand

Pam Strand is the owner of Strand Fitness, a personal training studio in Downtown Wheaton, serving Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream, Winfield, & Chicago Western Suburbs. To learn more about how Strand Fitness can help you reach your fitness goals, contact Pam (630 653 8152) and schedule your free fitness consultation. You can also learn more about our fitness solutions here: https://pamstrand.com/fitness-solutions/

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