The Road to Accountability

Accountability is about keeping tabs on how you are doing in completing the task and about getting the job done.  It can relate to a goal or responsibilities assigned to you (e.g., at work).  Or it can relate to responsibilities in your personal life, such as taking care of your home, your family, and yourself.

Accountability creates tension that moves us forward to resolve that positive stress by completing tasks, addressing distractions, and keeping our priorities. A sense of accountability gets our attention.  It says that this is important; I need to direct my efforts to this project.  You could say that accountability is our rudder.  It enables us to steer our ship and make course corrections, if necessary. 

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Accountability is important to success

Having a sense of accountability is important to our success, particularly in the areas of our lives where we don’t have a boss or someone taking note of our efforts and to whom we report our results.  Fitness is one of these areas where we are on our own.  We determine what we want to accomplish, how we get there, and to “report” whether we are making progress or not.  In these situations, it is easy to ignore our procrastination or easy to believe our rationale as to why we are not accomplishing our goals. 

When we are unwilling to look at what we are doing and how our actions may or may not advance our goals, it is time to hit pause.  It is time to reflect and take an honest look at what we are doing and what we are allowing to occur in our lives.  We may have unconsciously relinquished responsibility for our actions.  We may also be resisting ownership of the very tasks that will translate to our success.

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Put yourself in charge of your fitness

If we don’t feel responsible or don’t take responsibility, it is highly unlikely that we are going to push ourselves to accomplish our fitness goals.  Competing priorities, feelings of self-doubt, and lack of confidence can cause us to shun our responsibilities for our fitness levels.  When we don’t feel like we are in charge, it is far too easy to cast blame. ” I am too tired to exercise. My boss dropped a last minute assignment on my desk. My friends want to go out to eat.” 

Know that you can be responsible for your life.  It is there waiting for a leader to take charge.  That leader is you.  No one else is can fill that role.  Take control little by little.  Practice saying “no” to what distracts you.  Address the inner critic.  Pay more attention to satisfying your needs rather than those of your inner critic.  The inner critic is never satisfied!

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Take action that makes sense to you

Take a look at what you are doing to achieve your fitness goals.  Do your actions and habits make sense to you?  Do they build you up and satisfy you?  If not, you may need to find more suitable means to you reach your goals.  It’s difficult to feel accountable for your goals if the tasks don’t make sense to you.  If you don’t feel engaged, you won’t take ownership.  Lack of ownership depletes any sense of accountability.

Many people stumble, because they don’t want to own their current fitness level.  If they are out of shape or overweight, it can feel daunting to take ownership.  If they did then they would be responsible and accountable. This is a huge area of resistance for many people.  It’s why some never start the journey. 

If you don’t own it; you can’t change it.  Owning wherever you are also removes a great deal of judgment.  The less judgment; the more engagement.  The more engagement; the greater degree of accountability. Accepting where you are is the first step. 








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Consider a personal trainer for a 95% success rate

The American Society of Training and Development conducted research that shows the impact of having a partner who helps you stay accountable. Having a partner raises your chances of success to 65%.  Meet regularly with that partner to review results, and your chances of success increase to 95%. 

Personal trainers are important accountability partners!  With their guidance and expertise, you will have a fitness program tailored to your needs and goals.  By meeting with them weekly, you also have a partner who is monitoring your progress and asking you questions about what you did outside of the gym.  They are great problem solvers and mentors.  A valuable resource to have by your side. 

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