The frustration of being stiff and unsteady!

My high school friends recently gathered at a daughter’s wedding.  You could tell we had been friends for 40 some years.  Our banter was easy, light-hearted, and filled with jokes that were several years old but still funny as ever (at least to us!).

We continued our joking as the wedding band played Shout.  Everyone (mostly the younger ones, if you must know) on the dance floor twisted lower and lower.   That’s when someone came up with a new joke, “With my knees, I’d never get back up!” 

Ain’t that the truth!  It is easy to forget you are getting older until you run up against the stiffness growing in your body. One friend got it right.  She knew stiffness was inevitable as she got older; however, she was not prepared for how frustrating it is. 

Who wants to be stiff and unsteady? 

Come bend, twist, and stretch with us at Strand Fitness!

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Age is just a number, until you can’t move!

Being stiff and unsteady takes on a meaning of limitation as you get older.  We want to move freely so we can live on our own terms. And as we begin to the notice the limitations of our movements, it feels like we are giving up some freedom.  That is where the frustration originates.

The good news  – we can train our bodies and regain much of what we might be losing. Coordination, balance, joint mobility, and flexibility can all be positively influenced through regular practice and training. 

Here I am stretching the “side” body.  Keeping the side of the body strong and mobile supports movements like walking and running. 

Slow, steady, articulated movements are key

We get tremendous benefit from the exercises in a traditional fitness program.  Performing squats, pushups, shoulder presses, and planks are wonderful exercises to keep our bodies strong and supple. 

But as we get older, we also need to incorporate smaller, slower movements to keep our joints mobile and our tissues flexible.  These are the type of movements that get our brains and bodies connected again.  In essence, we are “re-programming” our brains and our bodies for flexibility and mobility.   

Poor movement can exist anywhere in the body but poor movement patterns can only exist in the brain.”

— Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSC

Mobility is a “full body” puzzle

Mobility is defined as strength through range of motion.  Said another way, greater mobility means greater “usable” range of motion in our joints.  You get there by training flexibility, strength, and balance.  You will find that releasing tension in one part of the body leads to another tight area.  Or you may find that opening one part of the body unlocks another.  Be curious and stick with it.

One of my favorite stretches – twisting!  Helps ensure I can look over my shoulder when backing up my car!

It is not just a stretching game any longer

The fitness and wellness industry is learning that gains in flexibility do not come from isolating a muscle and then stretching it.  Alleviating stiffness and unsteadiness comes from a systematic approach.  I like to do a full body stretch and mobility session at least twice a week.  Each week, I find something different in my body to explore.  And when I do, I then take 5-10 minutes each day to work on that area.  I try to do something each day to train my body to be and remain mobile.  When I skip a few days, I REALLY feel it.  A little maintenance goes a long way!

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Consider working with an expert to get the most gains

Seek out an expert in mobility if you are unsure what to do for your body and your situation.  There are many experts who can lend appropriate guidance.  Look for physical therapists, personal trainers, yoga teachers, and stretch therapists with certifications in mobility, stretching methodologies, and range of motion.  

Here at Strand Fitness we have yoga teachers and trainers certified in stretching methodologies. And we continuously add to our repertoire of tools and credentials to help build mobility and reduce stiffness and unsteadiness. We know “moving better” is part of the formula for living life on your own terms!

Learn about our yoga program by clicking here.

Strand Fitness delivers highly personalized fitness programming with a team of professionals who know how to guide you and help you be committed and successful in your fitness journey. 

We’re the ideal solution for the “slightly older” body!

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