“I started with Pam and her “family” of trainers over two years ago and the experience has been exactly what I hoped for.  Pam has always done a great job of listening to me, meeting me where I am at, and helping me clarify my goals.  She teamed me with Greg, who’s been a fun and challenging “partner” throughout my fitness journey. Each session, he leads me through a personalized workout that pushes me in an energetic and supportive way to become a healthier and happier person.  I’m far stronger and more fit.  I sleep better.  I think more clearly and am more productive in every area of my life.  All in all, I’m confident this has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Eric P.

IMG_1082Pam designs workouts that are 100% geared towards meeting my physical and emotional needs. She motivates me, yet is empathetic to my day-to-day distractions. By the end of my workouts, I always feel like I am going to have a great day. I continue to work with Pam (going on 12 years!) because our work together makes me feel strong, capable, confident and accomplished. Pam is committed to me!”

Lynne Gunn 

I feel like I am 21 – I am THAT strong!  Thanks for the workouts and for all that you do for me!  I couldn’t have lost the 45 pounds that I have without your help!”

Michael V. (53 years old) 

“Strand Fitness runs a great operation. Monica was a perfect match for me. She was able to make me want to exercise and I feel so much stronger than when we began. Thank you.”

Aurea C. 

“Stand Fitness offers a comfortable atmosphere with fun workouts concentrating on life, not just a fitness goal. Because of my work with Michele, I feel healthier, more confident, and more energetic.”

Mary Dabrowski 

“I went to Pam with very little in the way of motivation to exercise regularly…she evaluated me; my physical self, my mental state, what I wanted to keep me in good shape and conscious of eating better. What I got was practical exercise, sensible coaching, and motivating goals to stay with my need for physical health.  I am a work in progress!  Pam’s great sense of humor and her genuine desire to help people meet their goals turned my little bit of motivation into a way of thinking. I really benefited from our work together!!!”

Mary Lou A., Naperville, IL

ToriAndMichele_edit091914“I have been training at Strand Fitness for two years. During this time, I have lost 50 pounds and have been able to keep it off. I feel strong and confident! I love seeing my progress and enjoy the time spent with my trainer, Michele. She really cares about all aspects of my health, both physical and emotional. Strand is unique because it is a small community of trainers and clients. The space is perfect for personal training and small group workouts.”

Tori Moyski 

“My major accomplishment in working with Pam is that I can now successfully do sit-ups. That may sound lame, but it is coming from a person who could not even do 15 sit-ups. [Another accomplishment] is to know that I am at lease maintaining, if not improving, my bone density, as osteoporosis runs in my family. I feel different because I know I am much stronger. I can feel the difference in my daily activities as a mom. The best part of our work together is definitely stretching. Simply, this is the last part of our workout. I know then that I successfully completed a strenuous workout. It feels so good to know that you did something for yourself. And with Pam no two workouts are the same.  She is so creative with her workouts. In fact, she is coming in an hour and I start to think, I wonder what we will be doing today. Her workout sessions are truly addictive.”

Jeanne I., Glen Ellyn, IL 

10678639_10104811268426320_6868786465141398985_n“Bob is a personal trainer Unicorn! It’s hard to find someone that is not only professional, dedicated, and knowledgeable, but someone that genuinely cares about their clients and their goals. Through every workout, Bob explained in detail how everything contributed to my fitness goals. He checked-in outside of scheduled sessions and made sure I was applying that knowledge to my everyday routine. I’ve come away with a set of tools that I can use far beyond Strand Fitness. His positive energy and fun workouts made 5.am workouts easy to get out of bed for :)”

Sarah Kowalis 

“In my search for a 1:1 trainer, I was looking for someone who would understand the needs of a former ‘athlete’ like me; someone who competed in long distance events for over 30 years who feels the effects of aging with all the aches and pains. I no longer train for those kinds of events but I still have the drive to train hard and get into optimal physical health as I age. I researched other places in the area but wasn’t convinced that the trainers out there had the training/certifications nor the knowledge of an older woman’s changing body. Then I spoke with Pam Strand of Strand Fitness in Wheaton and after one visit I knew this was the place for me. My workouts with Pam and Monica are so intense, even more than when I was still training for long distance events. Their knowledge as athletes themselves as well as knowing the aging woman’s physical needs are like none that I have found out there. My strength has increased twofold in such a short time. I know I will be doing these types of workouts for the long haul thanks to my experience training at Strand Fitness.”