Six Exercises for Strong Knees


Ailing Knees

As personal trainers, one of the most common “ailments” we work with at Strand Fitness is sore knees.  If you have prolonged and/or acute pain in your knees, our advice is to go get it checked out to make sure there is not an injury or a condition like arthritis that needs to be addressed.  And if you are coming off of physical therapy for a knee injury, continue to do to the exercises your therapist recommended.

Stronger Knees

If your knees are healthy, here are six exercises you can do to help ensure you have strong knees.  You will see that these are not all “knee” exercises.  As we learned in our grade school song, ”The ankle bone is connected to the knee bone.  The knee bone is connected to our hip bone.” In other words, the ankle, knees, and hips all need to work together efficiently and effectively to ensure pain free and strong knees.

If you want stronger and more pain-free knees, please call Pam at Strand Fitness (630-653-8152) to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation fitness consultation.

Please note:  Only do these exercises if your ankles, knees, and hips are healthy.  Check with your doctor before starting an exercise program.

Six Exercises for Stronger Knees:

  1. Single leg balance – Balancing on one leg is a great way to develop strength in the deep muscles that stabilize the movement of your leg.  Bend the knee of one leg and lift it up in front of you, balancing on the other leg.  
  2. Heel Raise – Standing on both legs or just one, lifting your heel up off the ground and returning it to the floor builds strength in your calf muscles.  It also helps ensure your ankles are strong and mobile, which reduces the tension on your knees.
  3. “Mop the Floor” – this is a favorite of ours at Strand Fitness.  Watching the video is the best way to see what to do.  This exercise uses the whole body but especially strengthens the muscles in your lower body to provide stabilization to your knees and hips.
  4. Seated Leg Lift – this exercises isolates the quad muscle (the muscles on top of your thighs), which is essential for strong and healthy knees. Sit on the floor. Bend one knee and bring that foot to the floor. Brace yourself with this bent leg, lifting the other, straight leg up off of the floor.
  5. Bridges – Laying on the floor with your knees bent and feet on the floor, lift your glutes/hips up off the floor, hold for one count and lower the hips.  This exercise strengthens the hamstrings (muscles on the back of your thighs) as well as the glutes.
  6. Laying Side Leg Raise – Lay on your side and lift the top leg up. Lower before lifting again.  This exercise strengthens the outer leg and hip, providing stability for the movement in your knee.

Be sure to give Pam a call at Strand Fitness (630-653-8152) to learn how our expert team of personal trainers can help you strengthen your knees and help you build a strong, healthy, and able body!  Our specialty is developing personalized fitness programs, tailored to you and your goals.  

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