Pam’s Story

Pam Strand is frequently asked how she got started in her fitness career and why she started her own business. Here is what she has to share:


* I was ready for a change!  (boy, was I!!!)
When I was 44 (I am now 55), I was stressed out, worn out, overweight (by about 70 pounds), and felt like I was falling apart.  I was tired of my career and tired of being tired.  There finally came a point in time when I no longer wanted to ignore my desire to get in the best shape of my life.  And I no longer wanted to silence my inner voice which was telling me it was time for a change.  And maybe most importantly, I was ready to stop trying to make my job and my life work. They weren’t! I was miserable! In 2003, I finally stood up for myself and got on with my life.

* I had something that I was insanely curious about!
I have always been insanely curious about the body – its energy systems, how it worked, how it moved, and what its limits were.  I wanted to learn as much as I could about all of these things – to help myself and help others.  The more I learned about my body and the more I experienced the joy and satisfaction of being fit, the more motivated I became to do exactly what I am doing today. To be in this field is a natural for me.


* I had support!
Back in 2003 (during a particularly grueling consulting assignment), I spontaneously blurted out to a co-worker that I wanted to open up my own fitness center that helped people be happy, healthy, and living the life that they envisioned. We looked at each other and said that was the greatest idea of the day. He responded that he would be my first investor.  As I replayed my story with friends and family, I was blown away by the level of support that I received. No one, not one person, thought I was off my rocker. They couldn’t wait for me to get started. I was off and running.


* I saw the difference I wanted to make in the world!
Throughout my corporate and consulting career, I saw and heard from so many people that they wanted to make a change in their lives and career but just did not have the energy and strength to make it happen.  I just knew that this was the change I wanted to see in the world – helping people build the strength, conditioning, and energy to take advantage of the opportunities they saw for themselves and their lives. As gushy as it may sound, I wanted to help people achieve their dreams!


That’s my story! If I can ever be of assistance to you, helping you build the strength and conditioning to make your dreams happen, please contact me.  I would be honored to help!

To your best!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.