Who needs a personal trainer? Not me!

Thanks to Gail O’Connell for contributing to our blog and writing this post. Gail is a fitness enthusiast and a role model for healthy and fit living. It’s hard to keep up with Gail. She’s always on the go – hiking, meeting up with friends, hosting book clubs, traveling here and abroad. She attributes her ability to live such an active life to her consistency in working out and eating healthy. Gail has been a client of Pam Strand’s for many years. Here’s Gail…

Who Needs a Personal Trainer? Not Me!

Or so I thought. Let me introduce myself. My name is Gail and believe me, I never imagined that I would work out with a trainer. I didn’t need to. I knew how to be fit, I knew what to do!

First, a little about me. I have been active and fit my entire life. I’ve belonged to various health clubs for 30 years. I have lifted weights, done cardio and tried to spend a lot of active time outdoors. I’ve lived in climates where I have been able to hike, do water sports, snow ski and walk golf courses. In addition, I have fortunately, always been healthy.

Life Happened

Nothing too horrible, but enough to interfere with my fitness activities. A bad knee wrench on a hiking trail put an end to working out and meant no cardio activity for a couple months. It would be difficult, but I thought a few months wouldn’t make too much of a difference.  However, I soon found out that I was moving to Chicago! Definitely no time to exercise.

Time to Get Fit Again

After a year or so, I was settled and knew it was time to get back in shape, but how? I didn’t want to re-injure myself, and I realized that being older that was a real possibility. I was also a corporate traveler with a lot of time constraints. I couldn’t do it alone. I decided I really did need a personal trainer to get me on the right track, keep me there and be able to work within my schedule. Equally important to me was finding a trainer who could relate to me personally,

Then I met Pam of Strand Fitness

I was referred to Pam by a co-worker. The first time I met Pam we had a long interview. We discussed my health, my fitness goals, what I liked to do for exercise and what my fitness challenges were. She made me honestly think about what I wanted to accomplish. Did I want to get stronger? Or, lose weight? How much time did I have to dedicate to improving my fitness?  

Pam made me realize that I did need a fitness partner. Not just someone who would put together a fitness program, but someone who would keep me motivated with a fitness experience that was tailored to me and would keep me challenged.  She knew the corporate world and how difficult it can be to maintain fitness when traveling.

Hiring a Personal Trainer

One of the best things I ever did for myself both physically and mentally was to hire Pam Strand as my personal trainer. Her experience and ability to create a fitness program that evolved as I got stronger were essential. No boredom doing the same old thing! Strength training, cardio, improved balance and flexibility were all part of my fitness program. I found I truly enjoyed having someone motivate me and hold me accountable.

It Worked for Me

If it worked for me, it can work for you too. If you need motivation to do what you know you need to do, talk to Pam. If you need a fitness partner who understands the challenges of getting fit during your middle years and beyond, talk to Pam. You will look better and feel better.

To your health and fitness,


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