It’s never to late to be stronger and more fit

It’s never too late to begin to exercise!

Getting stronger and more fit is important as we age.  And it is good to know that it is never too late to start. 

I think about my mom. She always led an active life, but she started a regular exercise program in her 50’s.  At first she focused on aerobic conditioning and then in her late 60’s, she started a strength training program with the help of a personal trainer.  Every time I came to visit her, she was stronger and more fit.  It was pretty amazing to watch.  She kept it up well into her 80’s.  


Strong muscles keep you moving with confidence

Many of our clients here at Strand Fitness want to be stronger as a means of being “able-bodied.”  They want to be sure of their movements and prevent falls and injuries.  But most importantly, they want to be able-bodied so they can enjoy life – now and in the future! 

I just got a note from a good friend who I haven’t seen in many years.  The note reminds me of how gratifying it is to be strong and in shape.  Here is his note:

Emily and I, since retirement, have gotten into using personal trainers, biking a good bit, and Emily is doing yoga.  Imagine if we lived near you, how we could take advantage of your offerings!  We took care of our 22 month old, active granddaughter all day today for the first time and, when it was over, we remarked that we are so glad we are in such good shape, as we were able to keep up with her and get up and down from the floor with her. 

Cheers, John 

His enthusiasm lept from the email.  There is something gratifying about a fitness accomplishment, especially when you see how it positively impacts your life!

Aerobic conditioning enables an active life

Keeping up with the kids and grandkids, walking the dog, taking active vacations, and being able to lug luggage – all reasons for making sure you have the stamina and energy for life. Aerobic conditioning will help you accomplish this goal. Some people want to be able to walk up the stairs without being winded; others want to run a 5K or participate in triathlons.  Either goal is a perfect reason for paying attention to your conditioning.  

Exercising can be intimidating – start small

If you have never enjoyed exercise, not sure what to do, or feel uncomfortable in a gym, working out can be intimidating.  If this is you, it is important to start small.  Whether that means starting with a daily 10 minute walk or checking out a fitness class at your local Y, there are so many ways to get started.  One of my favorite ways is hiring a personal trainer. 

This is one of the reasons I started Strand Fitness.  We provide a welcoming, private environment for people who want to get started in an exercise program without the intimidation factor.

An experienced trainer will be able to listen to your goals, accurately assess your current fitness level and exercise experience, and tailor a fitness program to meet your needs.  The program should challenge you but not overwhelm you. And it should progress you incrementally toward your goals. 

A personalized fitness program can be easily scaled to what is going on in your body!

One of the reasons I like working with a personal trainer is the ability to scale my overall program and the day’s workout to what is going on in my body.  Just yesterday, I was coming off a weekend of being under the weather and my trainer was able to redirect our workout to help me get my body moving and sweating just at the right intensity.

I have had my share of lower body issues over the past few years.  I have been plagued with annoying and painful tightness and limitations in my movement.  With the expert guidance of my trainers, I have been able to continue to workout and enjoy my fitness.  My trainers have worked with me to modify exercises to accomodate my limitations and have also worked with the guidance given to me from my physical therapists. 

It is a good feeling to keep moving through the inevitable physical ups and downs of aging.   

Ready to be stronger and healthier so you can enjoy life more?

See why Strand Fitness is for you!

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