Injury Recovery & Post Rehab

Move beyond your injuries. Get back into shape and live your active life!

If you are recovering from surgery or an injury, Strand Fitness is an excellent personal training studio for you. With us, you will have a safe fitness program guided by seasoned experts. We know how to progress your fitness in a way that respects where your body is and where you want it to go!  

Develop strength and fitness safely with expert guidance. Contact Pam to get started! ( or 630.653.8152) 

 You will feel confident again in exercising and being active. We’ll push you, but we aren’t going to push you to do things that don’t make sense for you, your body, or your age.

“I have had the best experience possible with Strand Fitness. I have been working with Bob since last October. He challenges me to push a little harder, encourages me when I’m tired or unsure, and offers adjustments to avoid injury. I have physical limitations due to previous injuries. For me to see progress without injury is a first in my life. I’ve worked with personal trainers several times and my previous experience has been mediocre. Strand took the time to understand my limitations and Bob plans my sessions with my limitations and goals in mind. It’s not a cookie cutter plan, the plan is devised for my benefit.” – Patricia LaFollette 

Your program is tailored to your needs.  And you’ll be exercising safely with our meticulous focus on proper technique. Even those with arthritis (or other chronic conditions that limit movement) find that our exercise programs have them exercising in ways that they never thought possible.  

Gain strength and build fitness with our personalized approach! 

If you have been working with a doctor, physical therapist, or other medical professional, we are happy to consult with them to make sure we are incorporating their feedback into your fitness plan and making the transition from therapy to fitness as smooth and successful as possible.

Want the accountability to get the work done and get back to your life? Contact Pam to set up a complimentary fitness consultation.

Call Pam (630.653.8152) or email her (