How to be “actively” older

Our clients at Strand Fitness see building strength and stamina as a means for living an active life as they get older.  “Actively older” is how a friend of mine recently put it.  But resistance training and aerobic conditioning aren’t enough.  If you want to be “actively older” as you age, be sure to put flexibility training on your fitness “to do” list. 

“Use it or lose it” is true with flexibility

Keeping our bodies limber and resilient as we get older is one of the most common goals I hear when I speak with clients and prospective clients.  Most of us have trained our body over the years (aka decades) to be locked into a sitting position – either in our cars, at our desks, or on the couch at home.  Our bodies are smart organisms always looking for efficiency. If sitting is what we do most, our bodies adapt to that environment.  No need to keep the brain programmed for easy, fluid movements if we don’t use them.  

Who wants to be stiff and unsteady?  Move younger with Strand Fitness.  We know how to help you regain your flexibility, get your joints moving and have better balance.  Get started by contacting Pam to schedule your complimentary; no-obligation fitness consultation (630-653-8152;

Age gets the blame for our stiffness

There are many reasons why our bodies don’t feel as spry as they did when we were younger.  While it is easy to blame our stiffness on aging, being stiff is up to us.  If we train our bodies to be more limber and have better movement, they will respond.  Drinking plenty of water, eating nutritious food, and getting enough sleep are also important to maintaining our flexibility.  Of course, getting up and moving goes a long way to helping us feeling younger and being more spry. 

Everything is connected – stretch that way

Studies are showing that we don’t make many gains in isolating and then stretching a muscle.  Our muscles are connected with sheaths of soft tissues.  It’s these tissues that seem to hold the key to long lasting flexibility. Because our soft tissues are a system within the body, we get the best results when we stretch with this in mind. 

For example, stretching the bottom of your foot in conjunction with your hamstring can relieve tension all the way up into the hip.  Add a small twist and your lower back can release.  (Please note: only stretch if your body is healthy to do so. Check with your medical professional if you are unsure if stretching is health for your body.)

Make a practice of stretching

Becoming more flexible requires consistent practice.  This is why I love yoga (and why we brought yoga to Strand Fitness – click here to learn about our yoga program).  The more I learn about creating and retaining flexibility, the more I see how brilliant the ancient yogis were.  Find a gentle or restorative yoga class that you like, and you have built in accountability to bend, twist, and stretch on a regular basis. 

It takes persistency, consistency, and working tight areas in different ways to ultimately open the body and release its tension.  And it doesn’t take much time.  In fact, I am incorporating more stretching and mobility work into personal training sessions with clients.  We have plenty of time to build strength, stamina, and flexibility! In my own journey, I am being much more intentional with stretching.  I even see a stretch therapist once a month to help me address some very tight body parts!

Come bend, stretch, and twist with us!  You will be less stiff and feel less old!

Contact Pam to get started with a complimentary; no-obligation fitness consultation.  (630-653-8152;

Build a stronger, healthier you at Strand Fitness and enjoy life more!

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