Here is how a personal trainer really helps you succeed!

Most people hire a personal trainer because they struggle on their own to get results.  Either they feel they lack the knowledge of what to do to reach their fitness goal. Or they know they need someone to push them harder than they will push themselves.  Partnering with a trainer is an efficient and effective way to increase the odds that you will succeed! But there is more to it than these extrinsic benefits! 

A personal trainer helps your confidence grow – yes, you have the ability to win!

It’s is easy to blame Mother Nature for our decreasing strength, stamina, balance, and coordination.  She doesn’t make it easy to feel like you can stay in the driver’s seat. But you can.  

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A personal trainer teaches you how to workout so you can experience the fact that the body will naturally adapt to regular exercise.  Your body knows how to become stronger and healthier; it just needs the opportunity to show you it can! With a trainer’s technical expertise and coaching mindset, you get a program that fits your needs and moves you forward at a pace that makes sense for you.  Their guidance helps you stay focused on your progress and learn how to work with (not against) your body to win!  

A personal trainer helps you create discipline – no, you are not lazy!

“Discipline” can be a dirty word for some people.  That may be because they envision very strict and confining rules in order to reach their goals. But in reality, reaching your fitness goals does not mean giving up your freedom.  It typically requires a handful of key habits that you can repeat successfully over time.  Your personal trainer helps you clarify your goals so you know which habits are your key habits.  This streamlines your efforts and makes the process feel less overwhelming. 

Then the more you “systematize” your habits; the more likely your success. Regular, standing workout appointments with your trainer is a great example of creating a system.  Another example is to have your trainer give you a few, short workouts you can do on your own – at home or on the road if you are travelling.  Worried that you will skip the workouts?  Then set up a structure with your trainer to report your efforts with a quick email or text.  Knowing that you have to report to someone helps keep discipline working for you!

A personal trainer helps you find your motivation – what is your “why?”

I recently read that a strong emotional tie with a habit is key to making it last. Your emotional tie is your motivation. All sorts of motivations are at play when it comes to fitness.  Wanting to feel good about yourself, the desire to feel empowered to prevent disease, gaining the confidence that you can live on your own terms as you age, and being around for your grandkids are examples of powerful motivators.

Unsure what is at play for you?  Working with a personal trainer can help you understand why you are in the game.  The more internal and deep the motivation, the more compelling and lasting it is.  It is easy to say you want to lose weight.  But what makes that so powerful for you? Is it just easy to say because it is an obvious fitness motivation?  Or is there something more – wanting to feel better in your skin, to feel the satisfaction of putting yourself first, to finally release the gremlin that tells you that you are not enough.  Connecting with these emotional ties propels you forward in a positive manner.  Success becomes a matter of time; not a question of “if.”

Strand Fitness delivers highly personalized fitness programming with a team of professionals who know how to guide you and help you be committed and successful in your fitness journey. 

We’re the ideal solution for the “slightly older” body!

We are located in Downtown Wheaton, IL.  We also serve Glen Ellyn, Winfield, Carol Stream and Chicago’s Western Suburbs. 

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