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Lateral line stretch

The frustration of being stiff and unsteady!

My high school friends recently gathered at a daughter’s wedding.  You could tell we had been friends for 40 some years.  Our banter was easy, light-hearted, and filled with jokes that were several years old but still funny as ever (at least to us!). We continued our joking as the wedding band played Shout.  Everyone […]

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How to be “actively” older

Our clients at Strand Fitness see building strength and stamina as a means for living an active life as they get older.  “Actively older” is how a friend of mine recently put it.  But resistance training and aerobic conditioning aren’t enough.  If you want to be “actively older” as you age, be sure to put […]

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Michele stretching

Who wants to be stiff and unsteady?

Not me that is for sure.  And not many of our clients here at Strand Fitness! Being stiff and unsteady may feel like a consequence of getting older.  But it does not have to be.  But much like anything else related to keeping our bodies strong and healthy as we age, being more flexible and […]

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Pam Strand

Strand Fitness Yoga Program

We are close to launching our new yoga program!  We are excited for this new venture – creating a yoga program tailored to the needs of the “slightly older” body.    Be more flexible and feel less old Nothing like feeling stiff and wobbly to make you feel old!  I think this is one of […]

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Yoga at Strand Fitness

Here is how to move younger!

I may not like the wrinkles, the age spots, or changing eyesight that comes as I get older, but feeling limited in my movement really makes me feel old.  And I don’t like it one bit!  I know that the changes in an aging body make it more difficult to remain spry. But even with […]

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kecia- strand personal trainer

Here is how to keep up with the aging process

Getting older is not for the weary!  It takes effort to keep up with the aging process.  It takes a little humor too! Aging is inevitable.  Suffering is optional! Aging is a natural process.  But our attitude sets the stage for how we age. We can complain and focus on all of the things that […]

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