Pam Strand Yoga

Thoughts on Weight Loss

When I turned 60 this year, I made a pact with myself that I would figure out this weight loss “thing” once and for all.  I was tired of fussing with my weight and always focusing on what the scale said.  Not to mention, I was tired of being overweight.  It was time to make […]

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Strand Fitness client

What’s your strength and stamina worth?

Strong muscles and bones keep you moving with confidence.  And aerobic conditioning (stamina) enables an active life.  Strength and stamina together can change your world.  I truly believe this.  And I watch it happen everyday in our personal training studio.  The first time clients get a sense of their strength, their eyes light up.  And […]

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Strand Fitness Personal Trainer

The Road to Accountability

Accountability is about keeping tabs on how you are doing in completing the task and about getting the job done.  It can relate to a goal or responsibilities assigned to you (e.g., at work).  Or it can relate to responsibilities in your personal life, such as taking care of your home, your family, and yourself. […]

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Michele stretching

Who wants to be stiff and unsteady?

Not me that is for sure.  And not many of our clients here at Strand Fitness! Being stiff and unsteady may feel like a consequence of getting older.  But it does not have to be.  But much like anything else related to keeping our bodies strong and healthy as we age, being more flexible and […]

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Gail Strength Training

7 Tips for Preventing Weight Gain

#1: Move more Set your day up so there is a foundation of movement, which helps control weight.  With a “move more” mindset, you will naturally see more opportunities for moving your body – walking at lunch time, a flight of stairs, parking at the edges of a parking lot, and even house and garden […]

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It’s never to late to be stronger and more fit

It’s never too late to begin to exercise! Getting stronger and more fit is important as we age.  And it is good to know that it is never too late to start.  I think about my mom. She always led an active life, but she started a regular exercise program in her 50’s.  At first […]

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Thoughts on “Good” Nutrition

“We are what we eat” I am unsure who coined that phrase.  But as I get older, I see the truth in those words.  When I have a day of eating “junk,” I generally feel, well, pretty darn “junky.” I feel “jiggly” and have low energy.  If I eat relatively clean, I feel lean and […]

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Pam Strand

Strand Fitness Yoga Program

We are close to launching our new yoga program!  We are excited for this new venture – creating a yoga program tailored to the needs of the “slightly older” body.    Be more flexible and feel less old Nothing like feeling stiff and wobbly to make you feel old!  I think this is one of […]

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sidewalk sign 2

My suggestions for those struggling to exercise regularly

We all know the benefits of regular exercise.  It keeps our bodies and minds healthy. Exercise helps us regulate our weight and keep our outlook on life positive.  We sleep better when we exercise regularly.  When we exercise regularly, we gain confidence, we move better, and we prevent illness and disease. We look better and have […]

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Pam Strand Meditation

How to keep weight off as you age!

We don’t talk a lot about keeping weight off as you age.  At least in the fitness industry we don’t.  Maybe because “how to lose weight” is more attention grabbing.  I don’t know the answer, but I do know that keeping the weight off requires a strategy.   Get in shape Exercise does work, especially to […]

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