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How to Combat Emotional Eating

Overcoming emotional eating is a significant concern for many people focused on improving their fitness and health. In fact, 66% of women who responded to a recent survey conducted by Precision Nutrition said that emotional eating is an area where they need the most guidance. If you struggle with emotional eating, here are some helpful […]

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meal nutrition

Food – Friend or Foe?

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself what nutrition means to you and what you want the food you eat to do for you and your life? It is an enlightening exercise to do so. This question popped into my mind the other day. I like when questions like this pop into my mind. […]

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Whoa – what did you just ask me?

Productivity in Life Recently, I read an article that reminded me of the beauty and power of a well-placed question that can change the course of your life.  The subject of the article was productivity tips from young entrepreneurs.  It was filled with some great, expansive ideas on how to be creative, focused, and energized […]

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Bosu Ball Balance

Being Happy and Being Fit

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” – Thomas Merton Over the past few weeks, I have been reflecting upon this quote.  It speaks to me on so many levels. If I think about fitness, it tells me that happiness is not about “how hard I get after […]

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Fitness Team

Who’s on your fitness team?

Create a Support Team There are many ways to create a team of support for your fitness program. Some of the most popular: Ask a friend to be a workout partner. Join a fitness class at the park district or at a fitness center. Hire a personal trainer or fitness coach. Join a running or […]

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The Case for Strength and Conditioning

The Keys for Staying Young, Healthy & Fit Scientific evidence continues to tell us that strength and conditioning are keys for staying young, healthy, and fit.  When a person is strong and in shape, their brain and body function more optimally, they get sick less often, they reduce their risk of serious illness, they stave […]

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How we lost (and are keeping off) 110 pounds!

Many personal trainers have their own story of body (and life) transformation. This is true at Strand Fitness.  Pam Strand, owner, and Bob Peterson, personal trainer, have lost a combined total of 110 pounds in their journey.  (Pam lost 70 pounds; Bob lost 40 pounds) Asked to look back and share their secrets of success, […]

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Stop Wasting Your Mind – Use Mental Skills to Get Fit!

The mind game – it is a wonderfully complex, yet simple game we play (or not).  We do better in anything we attempt when our mind is “in it.”  When we are distracted, our performance on the task at hand suffers. Even our satisfaction from completing the task (if we do) is diminished when our […]

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Strong Muscles as We Age

The Need for Strength Why do we need to stay strong?  Do we need to be strong the rest of our life? How many of us actually understand that need and do something about it? As time does inevitable damage to our hair, skin, teeth, bones, arteries, internal organs…ugh…we may panic or plainly give up. […]

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Don’t leave a great night’s sleep to chance

Without any scientific data to tell us so, we know that a great night’s sleep is, well, GREAT!  While we cannot control all of the factors that go into a good night’s sleep, there is much we can do to set the stage for a night of high quality sleep. Make your bedroom environment conducive […]

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