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Strand Fitness Personal Trainer

Strength and fitness come in all shapes and sizes

Any type, size, and shape of body can be stronger and more fit.  This is what I love and appreciate about strength training and aerobic conditioning.  There are no real barriers to entry – just those we may concoct in our heads.  Looks, shape, weight, age, and even current fitness levels – they don’t matter.  […]

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Pam Strand

Here is how a personal trainer really helps you succeed!

Most people hire a personal trainer because they struggle on their own to get results.  Either they feel they lack the knowledge of what to do to reach their fitness goal. Or they know they need someone to push them harder than they will push themselves.  Partnering with a trainer is an efficient and effective […]

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Lateral line stretch

The frustration of being stiff and unsteady!

My high school friends recently gathered at a daughter’s wedding.  You could tell we had been friends for 40 some years.  Our banter was easy, light-hearted, and filled with jokes that were several years old but still funny as ever (at least to us!). We continued our joking as the wedding band played Shout.  Everyone […]

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How to lose weight and keep it off!

I am not a believer in “silver bullets.” You know, those one or two little secrets that will solve all of your problems and get you to where you want to be.  I don’t believe in any “one best” fitness solution either.  Achieving fitness goals takes hard work over the course of time. And reaching […]

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Your 2020 Fitness Forecast

If you live 2020 exactly how you lived 2019, what kind of future are you creating for yourself? What a great question, right?  When you think about this question as it relates to the state of your body, what will your body be like at the end of 2020?  Will you like the answer? Many […]

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Bob Strand Fitness Personal Trainer

Why not change your life one workout at a time?

Regular exercise is so important as we age.  We lose muscle mass as we get older.  Coordination and balance begin to wane.  Our bodies get stiffer and less limber.  And in our older years, risk of illness and disease increase.  Doesn’t sound like the most pleasant future, does it?   The good news is that regular […]

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How to be “actively” older

Our clients at Strand Fitness see building strength and stamina as a means for living an active life as they get older.  “Actively older” is how a friend of mine recently put it.  But resistance training and aerobic conditioning aren’t enough.  If you want to be “actively older” as you age, be sure to put […]

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Pam Strand Yoga

Thoughts on Weight Loss

When I turned 60 this year, I made a pact with myself that I would figure out this weight loss “thing” once and for all.  I was tired of fussing with my weight and always focusing on what the scale said.  Not to mention, I was tired of being overweight.  It was time to make […]

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Strand Fitness client

What’s your strength and stamina worth?

Strong muscles and bones keep you moving with confidence.  And aerobic conditioning (stamina) enables an active life.  Strength and stamina together can change your world.  I truly believe this.  And I watch it happen everyday in our personal training studio.  The first time clients get a sense of their strength, their eyes light up.  And […]

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Strand Fitness Personal Trainer

The Road to Accountability

Accountability is about keeping tabs on how you are doing in completing the task and about getting the job done.  It can relate to a goal or responsibilities assigned to you (e.g., at work).  Or it can relate to responsibilities in your personal life, such as taking care of your home, your family, and yourself. […]

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