Our Team

When you hire the Strand Fitness team, you will have a creative and valuable resource at your side. We are professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. (And dare we say – we are fun and friendly too!)


Pam Strand

Owner/Personal Trainer

Over the past 10 (plus) years, Pam has trained and coached hundreds of people to be strong and fit and to live healthy and energetic lives.  She graduated top in her class at the National Personal Training Institute (Lisle, IL) where she received her personal training and nutrition counseling diplomas. And she has earned a nutrition coaching certification through Precision Nutrition. Pam is also a certified life coach with the warmth and intelligence that helps others succeed in whatever goal they set – particularly in getting their bodies and their minds strong and in shape.

Pam’s approach to fitness and in advising her clients is a culmination of her professional and personal experiences and interests. She has an insatiable curiosity of how the body and mind move and work together. Like many of her clients, she has the desire to stay active well into her later years. Having spent 25 years in corporate life, she understands the toll of a demanding career and helps clients navigate the challenge of balancing life and work. And she can personally relate to the desire of losing weight and getting in shape. She has her own journey of significant weight loss and of regaining her fitness and energy (read more about it here!).

With Pam at your side, you will learn a great deal about your body, yourself, and your life!


Monica Dzarnowski

Personal Trainer

Monica DFitness has always been a part of Monica’s life. Her goal is to help people make it apart of their everyday life too. Monica believes you can be in the best shape of your life at any age. The key is training smarter. She has been an athlete, coach and trainer, which brings a unique perspective to her training. She is a graduate from the National Personal Training Institute (Lisle, IL) where she received her certification as a Personal Trainer as well as a Nutrition Counselor. Her goal is to help people say, “Yes, I can.”

“Remember, if you had started anything weeks ago, by today you would be weeks better!

 Michele Majeski

Personal Trainer

photoMichele’s career as a fitness trainer has never been about having a job. It’s been about using her gifts of compassion, knowledge of the working body, and motivation to assist her clients beyond their goals.


“Adapting to a healthy and fit lifestyle doesn’t have to be unpleasant, painful, or full of dread…it just takes a thoughtful partnership with the right trainer! And are you ready for this….It can be fun! (yep, I said the “f” word, and I mean it!)”

Michele is a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute (Lisle, IL).  In addition to being a certified Personal Trainer,  Michele is also a certified nutrition counselor and certified fitness instructor. She is a Nautilus Accredited Coach.

Kecia Murphy

Personal Trainer

Kecia Fitness headshotFitness has always been a top priority for Kecia (pronounced “Keesa”). Coming from a family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes (to name a few!), Kecia chose to focus on her health and in the process learned that family history, while relevant, can be outweighed with proper diet and exercise.

Throughout the past 3 decades, Kecia has participated in many workout trends and decided to take it a step further by attending the National Personal Training Institute. She received her diploma in Personal Training and Nutrition so that she can effectively help navigate other individuals on their fitness journeys. Kecia’s philosophy is very simple: “Genetics do not define who you are and fitness is not one size fits all. We all have different starting points, different interests and I look forward to personalizing my training programs to each client’s ability and interests.” Whether her client’s goal is to improve range of motion or sweat to high intensity-training workouts, Kecia is excited to help her clients feel better and achieve their fitness goals.

While health and fitness are important to Kecia, she is also about enjoying life and food. She is a self-proclaimed “foodie” and has a soft spot for anything chocolate! “Enjoying good health does not mean eating celery and killing yourself at the gym every day. It’s about maintaining a good life balance.”

A native of Boston, Kecia moved to Glen Ellyn in 2005 with her husband and three children. Prior to being a full time mom and personal trainer, Kecia worked in the financial software industry.

Pete Moore

Personal Trainer 

Pete is a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast. He is a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute, a four-time Russian Kettlebell Certified instructor (RKC), a licensed Massage Therapist, a certified Functional Movement Screen specialist (FMS), and a former USA cycling coach. He is also an accomplished alpine and rock climber. He is currently enrolled in the Physical Therapist Assistant program (PTA) at COD.

A veteran Personal Trainer, with over fifteen-thousand hours of experience, with a “pay attention to detail” approach, specializing in building strength, stamina, functional movement and injury prevention. From athletes, to weekend warriors, to people with extremely challenging orthopedic and physiological challenges; Pete has worked with all demographics, and helped them all reach their goals. When he’s not training clients, studying for school, or working out, Pete spends his time with his fiancé and their two dogs.

Bob Peterson

Personal Trainer


Bob caught the “fitness bug” later in life, but his journey is going smoothly and getting better all the time.  He encourages his clients to do the same – make small changes over time and achieve tremendous results!  He has a strong passion for fitness and for helping others attain their goals. Bob is a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute in Lisle IL and is studying to complete his NASM certification.  Bob is married with two adopted children and served 13 years in the military as an Army Medic.

Greg Putra

Personal Trainer


Fitness has been a big part of Greg’s life. From baseball and football to running and weight training, he has always been involved in some facet of fitness. His motto is, “Keep it simple.” He helps his clients focus on taking the small steps necessary to meet their goals. He understands that everyone has a different approach and goal in mind to what it means to be physically fit. His experience in mindfulness and as a corporate manager gives him a unique perspective on how to focus his client’s efforts to meet their goals.

Greg received his Personal Training Certificate from W.I.T.S (World Instructors Training Schools). When Greg is not in the studio he spends his time with his wife and two kids. Or spends his time relaxing by running, fishing, or cycling. 

Sandra Stoughton

Personal Trainer

SandraProfileFor Sandra, successful fitness is no longer about the number of pounds and inches lost. Instead, she has embraced fitness as a life-long journey and focuses on the strength and empowerment that fitness brings into her life. Her goal is to inspire people to approach fitness fearlessly, to try activities that are outside of their comfort zone, and to root their fitness journey in unconditional self-love and acceptance. Sandra received her personal training certification through PTA Global and has a passion for making fitness joyful and accessible to all people, regardless of size, age or ability.