Where Your Mind Goes, Your Fitness Will Follow

Roadblocks in your fitness journey

When I hear a client share they have been wondering why they’re not reaching a fitness goal, I pay attention to what they say and think about themselves and their fitness journey. Their words are clues to where they are focusing their attention.  And I have learned that where the mind goes, bodies and fitness are sure to follow!

On the TV show Frasier, there is a great episode that brings this point home. Frasier and Miles are learning to ride bikes. Frasier’s challenge is that he is fixating on all the things that he can crash into. And guess what? He keeps crashing into everything! 

In the short clip below, you can actually see the struggle in Frasier’s eyes.  He tries hard not to look at the tree or the mailbox.  But his eyes keep turning to the obstacle..and sure enough, his bike heads that way.  You can guess the results – he ends up crashing!

The same is true in fitness. Where we fix our attention is where our journey goes.  If we fixate on all the obstacles that can get in our way, soon we are trying to stay afloat under all of our obligations and challenges. When we focus on our inadequacies, we will fail to reach our goals. Or, at best, the journey will be far more stressful and exhausting than necessary.

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Our internal thoughts and beliefs can get in the way, or pave the way. 

Our minds and our mental energy play such a vital role in our fitness journey and the outcomes we achieve. If you find yourself moving through a cycle of success, failure and giving up, I suggest stepping back to take a look at what is going on in your mind and where you’re focusing your attention.

Our thoughts and beliefs can be summarized into two types:

  • Catabolic thinking is thinking that breaks us down and keeps us mired in stress, failure, guilt and shame.
  • Anabolic thinking helps us progress towards our goals, brings forward compassion for ourselves and our bodies, and taps our creative energy and sense of opportunity.

Lead your thoughts towards the actions you want to take. 

We stumble and fall when we believe we have no control over whether we lose weight. We can’t honor our fitness commitments when we believe that we are lazy, undisciplined or somehow inadequate. When our minds are filled with these catabolic thoughts, we eat like an unlovable person and exercise like someone who has no time or no chance to succeed. We go where our attention takes us. 

Yet if we can shift our mental energy away from the negative and towards the positive,  we can get closer to our goals. Our positive thoughts compel us to do the things that we know are important to our fitness and health. When we lead our attention towards these anabolic thoughts, it is easier to eat healthy, exercise well, and sleep right.


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Shift your mental energy and find your strong, lean, and healthy body.

Albert Einstein once said that “problems are not solved at the same level of energy at which they are created.” By shifting your thinking and beliefs to more positive and helpful thoughts, you are likely to find a way to move yourself towards your fitness goals.  When we focus our attention on how we can help ourselves succeed, our minds are freed to develop new habits and new routines. 

Because our attention is aimed towards solutions (rather than problems and obstacles), we create new ways to eat healthy and to organize our day so we can get to our workouts. 

It is easy to feel defeated by the aging process.  Yet as we get older, we are more wise and more certain about what works for us.  Where is your attention?  Do you focus on the unpleasant physical changes?  Or are you attentive to how your strengths can help you move through the process with more ease and more confidence?  You choose! 

A great coach can help you shift your mental game.

This is why I love working with my personal trainers. They help me focus my attention toward my success.  Even though I am a personal trainer, I seek out great coaches.  They are much more objective about my life and my challenges than I am.  They aren’t invested in my woe-is-me thinking that can derail my efforts.  They don’t go there with me. Instead they bring my attention to what is working well. With these reminders, I remain focused on how I can win at fitness. 

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We can help you pave the way to your success!

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