What Trainer & Nutritional Coach, Kecia Eats In One Day


This is my typical breakfast. I cannot start the day without two cups of coffee with half and half. I workout in the morning, so I don’t want a lot in my stomach but skipping breakfast is not an option! 

I’m trying to eat more protein these days so I tend to choose high protein yogurts and also make sure I’m starting the day with enough water. This allows for plenty of energy and hydration for a good workout without feeling stuffed.


Morning Snack

For a mid-morning pick-me-up I sometimes opt for a piece of fruit. This combo of banana and almond butter might not look so appetizing but it is delish!

Again, I drink water for hydration post workout.



I love a salad full of goodies for lunch! I gave up putting oil on my salads long ago. I don’t miss it at all and I definitely don’t miss the added calories and fat! Red wine vinegar (just a splash) works great if I need a “dressing.” 

I add all kinds of veg from fresh tomatoes to steamed broccoli – whatever I can find that’s fresh in the veggie drawer! I always add a protein too. In this pic, I added two hard boiled eggs and mixed in some chickpeas to make the salad hearty and filling. Pair this salad with some berries and a bit of bread and I’m good for a while!

Happy Hour

IMG_1074I love to cook with wine – Ha! A handful of berries with a cold glass of Chardonnay is a perfect Happy Hour for me!



I love fish and never get sick of eating it. Here is grilled salmon with roasted eggplant, broccoli and mushrooms.

Add some grilled squash and just a bit of pasta and it’s a light, healthy and satisfying dinner!



I would be lying if I said I ate healthy all the time! Everything in moderation has always been my motto and that goes for “junk” too. I adore ice cream, cake, cookies and cheese along with many other “taboo” foods. I’m not about to avoid these treats all the time but I do try to keep it in check.

If I go overboard, which I have been known to do, I cut back on snacks and bread for a few days. (This is Edy’s slow churned – not bad and less fat and calories.)

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About Kecia Murphy

Kecia Murphy is a Personal Trainer at Strand Fitness. She is aware that everyone has different starting points, different interests and different goals when it comes to fitness. She looks forward to personalizing her training programs to each client’s ability and interests. Whether her client’s goal is to improve range of motion or to sweat with high intensity-training workouts, Kecia is excited to help her clients feel better and achieve their fitness goals.

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