What Trainer & Nutritional Coach, Kecia Eats In One Day

This is my typical breakfast. I cannot start the day without two cups of coffee with half and half. I workout in the morning so I don’t want a lot in my stomach but skipping breakfast is not an option! I’m trying to eat more protein these days so I tend to choose high protein yogurts and also make sure I’m starting the day with enough water. This allows for plenty of energy and hydration for a good workout without feeling stuffed.

IMG_1142For a mid-morning pick-me-up I sometimes opt for a piece of fruit. This combo of banana and almond butter might not look so appetizing but it is delish! Again, water for hydration post workout.

IMG_1070I love a salad full of goodies for lunch! I gave up putting oil on my salads long ago. I don’t miss it at all and I definitely don’t miss the added calories and fat! Red wine vinegar (just a splash) works great if I need a “dressing.” I add all kinds of veg from fresh tomatoes to steamed broccoli – whatever I can find that’s fresh in the veggie drawer! I always add protein too. In this pic, I added two hard boiled eggs and mixed in some chickpeas to make the salad hearty and filling. Some berries and a bit of bread and I’m good for a while!

IMG_1074I love to cook with wine – Ha! A handful of berries with a cold glass of Chardonnay is a perfect Happy Hour for me!

IMG_1075I love fish and never get sick of eating it. Here is grilled salmon with roasted eggplant, broccoli and mushrooms. Add some grilled squash and just a bit of pasta and it’s a light, healthy and satisfying dinner!

IMG_1073I would be lying if I said I ate healthy all the time! Everything in moderation has always been my motto and that goes for “junk” too. I adore ice cream, cake, cookies and cheese along with many other “taboo” foods. I’m not about to avoid these treats all the time but I do try to keep it in check. If I go overboard, which I have been known to do, I cut back on snacks and bread for a few days. (This is Edy’s slow churned – not bad and less fat and calories.)

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About Kecia Murphy

Fitness has always been a top priority for Kecia. Coming from a family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes (to name a few!), Kecia chose to focus on her health and in the process learned that family history, while relevant, can be outweighed with proper diet and exercise. Kecia’s philosophy is very simple: “Genetics do not define who you are and fitness is not one size fits all. We all have different starting points, different interests and I look forward to personalizing my training programs to each client’s ability and interests.” Whether her client’s goal is to improve range of motion or sweat to high intensity-training workouts, Kecia is excited to help her clients feel better and achieve their fitness goals.

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