Three Positive Thinking Tips for the Busy Mind

Typical, Daily Life Thinking

No matter where you look these days there always seems to be something to be upset about. Whether you are involved in the political climate that seems to be cascading around us all, or just struggling to get through your day to day life, everything can constantly seem to pile up on you. It is a vicious cycle that we sometimes can’t get out of. After all, our brains are programmed to constantly look for danger. Our problems have evolved as we are no longer looking to run from Sabertooth Tigers, but from ourselves and those around us.

At one time or another, we’ve all been lost in that sea of despair with our brains focused on everything that is going wrong. Then we begin to believe every negative thought in our head whether it is true or not.

About a year ago, before I decided to take control and change my perspective, that was the negative mindset I held. This journey has not been easy but it has been beneficial to my life and relationship. In honor of my journey, I wanted to share with you three things that helped me along this path. 

Journey to Positivity Each Day

Starting a Positivity Journal

This was my first big step. As I mentioned above, we are programmed to look for danger, and that becomes a distraction. We are more consumed by the things we haven’t done than by the things we have accomplished. For me, I took time each evening to reflect on my day. I focused on the highlight reel and did my best to find three things that happened that were positive. Some days were easier than others but it built a foundation of positivity.

Finding Time for Meditation

This was an eye opener for me. Each day, after lunch, I would find a quiet place and focus on my breath for 5 minutes, slowly building up to 15 minutes. I never realized how truly negative my mind was or how much fear and anger I actually carried. Most people who know me would likely not describe me as a fearful or angry person, but inside I was a nightmare. Meditation allowed me to begin letting go of those nightmares and start to heal myself.

Stopped believing my thoughts

Recently, I read that on average, the human brain has 70,000 thoughts per day. (That’s a lot of thinking!) Sometimes, our thoughts have the tendency to go unchecked and we begin to make them reality. For a brain that is designed to search for danger this can make someone with low self-esteem very anxious. Through mediation, I was able to listen to my thoughts and identify what was real, and what wasn’t. I became realistic about what I could control and what I couldn’t. I also gained clarity on what was temporary and what wasn’t. Over time, I was able to identify my true self and turn off the thought train that was designed to bring me down.

These are a few of the things that helped me gain a more positive mindset and helped me to develop the foundation of journey onward. I invite you to try one of these, all of these or even find your own way. There is no right or wrong way to discover your own happiness, especially when you realize it was with you the whole time.

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