The Times They Are a Changing and So Are Our Bodies!

Thanks to Grace Schwanda for contributing to our blog and writing this post. Grace Schwanda has her personal trainer certificate from W.I.T.S (World Instructors Training Schools). She is actively exercising and working on her own fitness level at this ‘slightly older’ time of life. Grace is the soccer referee trainer for the  Wheaton Park District and has been a Physical Education methods teacher at the collegiate level, as well as a music educator in schools, college and churches. Grace is looking at life with new eyes and saying, “why not me and why not now!” Here’s Grace…

Prepare for the Changing Times

“The times they are a changing and so are our bodies!.” Those of us who are ‘slightly older’ have probably sung that song a few times in our lives. Not only are the times changing, our age keeps changing which also has an affect on our bodies.

As a guest blogger and new Personal Trainer, I believe that, regardless of your numerical age, mobility and fitness is of utmost importance. “Pre-habbing” (or preparing the body to avoid injuries and ailments) is always less time consuming than rehabbing after the fact.

Day-to-day Movement

In our daily lives, many activities require functional fitness.

Most of them are in:

  • strength
  • balance
  • flexibility
  • muscular strength
  • cardiorespiratory fitness

At home, we lift, bend, twist and balance all the time. A frequent chore of emptying the dishwasher involves squats, stretching up and down and lifting.

Simple things like cleaning a shower requires muscle strength and endurance as we must lift our arms, moving and working them over our heads. Vacuuming requires the use of our hips and back and arms. Food shopping incorporates lifting, twisting and carrying bags to and from the car. Food that is put away in high and low places requires our bodies to bend, lift, stretch and balance. (For more exercise: we can deliberately put things in hard to reach places!)

Outside of the home we need to get in and out of our car, tend to the lawn and gardening, go to work and so much more. I love to travel and have noticed how the times are changing while at the airport for a trip. Walking, standing and waiting in lines has become a common part of travel. This process also includes lifting suitcases and bags out of the car and into the airport, taking more strength than it used to as we become ‘slightly older.’ Putting your 35-50 pound carry-on bag into the overhead compartment is the true test!

Prepare Your Body Today to Function for Tomorrow

When these activities become too difficult, it becomes a problem for us to do our functional living skills! You want to make sure that you have paved the way to keep your body capable of doing the things you want to do in the future. A personal trainer can help you strengthen your body now so it will perform the way you want to live tomorrow.

Exercising using our own body weight, dumbbells, bands, balls and steps can help us in many areas. Multi-joint movements help us to use many muscles developing our strength and fitness. Functional training will keep your body feeling young and moving for the rest of your life. Being able to move in our daily lives is of primary importance.

Join me at Strand Fitness to get to know your body better so it can work for you today and in the future!

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Be Strong and Enjoy Your Life!

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