The Art of Making Tea

I love making tea, and not the kind with a Kerig, my friends. The type of tea making that requires a couple different tools and patience. It is one of my favorite ways to unwind and relax. And although, I love making it and enjoy drinking it, I am no expert on tea and nor do I try to be. I don’t have any interest in making sure my hot water is at the perfect temperature, nor do I pre-heat my teapot. I am pretty sure my tea making skills would insult even an employee of Teavana. All I know, is I really enjoy brewing loose-leaf tea and here is why:FullSizeRender

  1. It forces me to be patient and slow down.
    While I am waiting for the water to boil in my kettle, I just sit. And wait. And close my eyes. And listen to my breathing. Plus, a light whistle from the kettle is the perfect timer. And if my mind was having a hard time getting rid of all the chatter the first time around, I get another chance to wait patiently while the hot water is steeping with the tea leaves.
  1. The tools I use to make tea are all gifts from loved ones, so the process becomes nostalgic.
    A girlfriend gave me my kettle at my wedding shower. My cast iron teapot was a Christmas gift from my brother-in-law. Plus, all my mugs seem to have a beautiful story around them. Some were made by my best friend who I haven’t seen in two years due to her time in the Peace Corp. Two others were used by my parents on their honeymoon. How could I not go down memory lane and feel love and gratitude while holding and using these objects?
  1. There is always a new type of tea to try.
    Because there are thousands of tea varieties, any mood can be satisfied! I like to keep a good variety on hand. It is fun to ask myself, “Hmmm, what would taste good now and would serve my body’s current state?” And if I am feeling adventurous, I try something new!
  1. I feel proud and satisfied.
    Even though making tea is pretty easy and hard to mess up (especially if you lack a sophisticated palette like me!), after everything is said and done, I get to hold the final product in my hands. I get to taste it. I get to smell it. I get to feel the warmth in my hands. I get to enjoy it. Making something creates satisfaction and pride.

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