Take the Fear out of Weight Loss

Trainers are Human Too

“Trainers – they’re just like us!” I like to joke with my friends that health magazines should do a section on personal trainers like they do the celebrities in tabloid magazines, with the token page of Celebrities, they’re just like us. The article shows celebs pushing a shopping cart, drinking a cup of coffee, walking around in sweatpants and no makeup – you get the idea. I find that magazine section ridiculous because being a celebrity doesn’t make them any less human. They still have to live! Personal Trainers are no different. We have the same weight struggles, cravings, weaknesses and strengths as everybody else!

Someone said to me “oh, you’re a personal trainer, that’s why you look the way you do.”

While being a personal trainer has opened up a wealth of information on fitness and nutrition, it doesn’t make me immune to the daily struggles of food temptations, nor did I become instantly fit. I have to pay attention to my fitness, my food and my goals just like everyone else. Yes, I’ve fallen off the fitness wagon. Yes, I get frustrated and discouraged when I’m not meeting my fitness and weight loss goals.

Get Rid of the Fear

As a trainer, I have seen that weight loss and fitness can become a very intimidating and downright fearful endeavor for so many individuals. But fear doesn’t have to ruin your fitness journey! Read on for a few strategies to keep the fear out and the goals attainable.


Where is your head? Ready for the commitment to lose weight? Before making nutritional lifestyle changes, it’s a great idea to talk to your doctor. Maybe it was your doctor who suggested you lose some weight! Your doctor will put your medical concerns into perspective. Having the right mental mindset will help keep you focused to lose weight.


Don’t know where to start? Don’t wing it! Ask questions, read, educate yourself and look at nutrition and fitness options such as hiring a personal trainer or joining a personalized nutrition program. It is never too late to start making healthy life choices!

Meal planning is also so important. Every week write down your commitments that impact your meal plans. Having dinner at a restaurant? Be proactive and look at the menu before you go. Most places will be happy to simply grill food for you. If you’re home and not traveling, plan, purchase and prepare food ahead.


You may have a partner or group to share concerns and maintain accountability, but your journey is separate from theirs. One quick way to derail progress is to compare your weight loss to someone else. Every body is different with his/her own physiology and fitness level. Just because your spouse, friend or partner is losing faster than you doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. On the same point, don’t blow it just because your spouse or friends decide to order late night deep dish. This journey is all about you.


Isaac Newton said, “A body of motion stays in motion” and when it comes to weight loss, there’s no exception. Exercise not only increases the speed of weight loss, it actually improves how you feel psychologically and physically. When working out, people often notice improved sleep and better clarity in thinking. It’s a win win! Exercise is often one of the most daunting components of weight loss. You may have questions on what to do (or what not to do!). A personal trainer can take all the guesswork away and alleviate that fear while teaching proper form to minimize injury.

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You are accountable to you first and foremost but often we need some guidance and push from others to keep us on the right path. Lean on your personal trainer to hold you accountable and/or your nutritional support group so that you don’t derail your efforts and hard work.

Face Failure

We all blow it from time to time that’s okay. Although the guilt and anger that often accompany the aftermath of overeating or eating poorly are hard to dismiss, try to remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint. A mistake every once in a while doesn’t mean you’ll never reach your goal. If you stumble, reset your thinking back to your goal and pursue. Pretty soon one day is one week, one week is one month and one month is several months! Remember: strive for a lifestyle change, not a diet.

I follow these guidelines myself. I might be a personal trainer, but I’m just like you! Use the strategies above, and you will find that weight loss need not be intimidating.

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Realize your weight loss goals and enjoy being strong and fit!

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About Kecia Murphy

Kecia Murphy is a Personal Trainer at Strand Fitness. She is aware that everyone has different starting points, different interests and different goals when it comes to fitness. She looks forward to personalizing her training programs to each client’s ability and interests. Whether her client’s goal is to improve range of motion or to sweat with high intensity-training workouts, Kecia is excited to help her clients feel better and achieve their fitness goals.

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