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This past year, I took a wild turn in my weight loss journey.

I started the year committed to resolving my biggest fitness challenge: keeping weight off!  If you have followed my blog, you know that weight gain is my most significant struggle.  Lasting changes in this area elude me.  I don’t know why.  But I decided that 2018 would mark the year I figured it all out.  Heck, I was going to be turning 60 in 2019.  What a beautiful milestone it would be.  Get this challenge resolved, and sail into my 60’s with a lean body, never having to worry about weight gain again.

Of course, life never goes as you plan.  No wind in my sails yet!

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Me About Five Years Ago


Me Today


I let go 

As I once again geared up to lose weight, I quickly realized that my heart just wasn’t in it.  I absolutely wanted to take weight off, but I was worn out by the struggle.  Losing weight was still very important to me, but I no longer wanted to try so hard.  “Give it up,” I told myself.  So I did the exact opposite of what I always do, I let go. 

Wherever I was struggling, I let go of the struggle. Creating new ways to  ensure I would eat the right food in the right portion. Gone! Ignoring my cravings for certain foods.  Nope! No more feeling frustrated with myself when I overate.  And maybe most importantly, I also let go of the guilt and shame associated with gaining weight and eating in weight gaining ways.   

Whew!  Such a relief! I know this opened the door for my next step.

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I decided to trust myself

It dawned on me that I didn’t trust myself or my abilities to lose weight and keep it off.  A self-fulfilling prophecy?  Most likely!  Here’s how my perspectives changed with trust. 

If I over-indulged, I told myself that I must have a pretty good reason to enjoy a food fest.  In the past, I would beat myself up and feel guilty, which would lead me nowhere but into a funk. 

But looking at these over-indulgences through the lens of trust, I saw a reasonable person trying to cope with a great deal of stress and demands on her time.  It made sense that I made the choices that I did.  Validating and acknowledging my choices encouraged me.  I made nutritional choices based upon valid reasons.  My decision-making wasn’t faulty.  I could be trusted!

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I practiced non-judgment 

Without the pressure to succeed at weight loss and eating healthy, I had the freedom to observe without judgment.  The insights I gained are pretty interesting.  I learned that, nutritionally, I am on my game about 80% of the time.  Left to my own devices and how I naturally want to eat, I do pretty well.   My breakfasts and lunches are filled with healthy choices and portion sizes.  And I have many great habits.   

But I did gain 10 pounds (now 40 pounds heavier than I was four years ago). No judgment about it.  The weight gain makes sense since I consumed many more calories than my body needed.  With a calorie surplus, weight gain happens.  But this does not feel like the end of the world.  This mindset is proof that I am making progress!  

Me at a photo shoot five years ago

At Strand Fitness Today

I still have serious work to do

When I began to trust myself, I discovered that I assumed that my whole situation was a disaster.  In fact, there was a lot I was doing well.   Knowing that 80% works well without much effort on my part is encouraging.  And seeing that I only need to concentrate on 20% makes the journey feel more doable and less overwhelming.  The odds of my success have just skyrocketed.  

The other part of the truth is that the remaining 20% is a train wreck.  I am happy that I can see that objectively and without shame or guilt.  A little embarrassed?  Yes.  But I now trust myself to get over it and get on track to reach my goal.  That’s new and exciting! 

I am starting with a strength

Rarely does a person achieve significant weight loss or a higher level of fitness without a healthy dose of discipline.  Knowing this made me realize that an additional personal training session was just what my week needed.  A personal training session is the perfect combination of two things that work in my favor: 

  1. I love working out with a personal trainer. 
  2. And a personal training session is by far the best form of discipline for me. 

By flexing more muscle (literally and figuratively), I am building more strength and progressing towards my goal.  My physical fitness is increasing and giving me more energy to achieve my goal.  And I am increasing the strength of my self-discipline muscle, which is absolutely necessary to reach my goal.

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And then taking on a difficult challenge

The most important thing I can do for myself right now is to test my mettle and prove I have what it takes to take the weight off and keep it off – permanently.  My gut keeps bringing me back to one, significant issue.  That issue is stress from being at full throttle – all the time.  I too easily get over extended mentally, and my mind gets locked “on.”  (I turn away from discipline when I am stressed in this manner.)

My gut is also telling me that solving this challenge is the lynchpin to my overall success.  So begins the next part of this new journey!  But I am ready to take it on!  Stay tuned!

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