Strength Training Tips for Runners

(Disclaimer: Be sure to always seek medical advice before starting a fitness program. Be sure to only perform exercises that align with your fitness and skill level.)

Strength Training for Runners

Winter can be a hard time for runners. Cold temperatures, ice and snow make it hard for runners to hit the pavement safely. With Spring and race season quickly approaching, it is time to begin preparing for that first race. One of the great ways to prepare to run faster, longer and prevent injuries is strength training.

In my experience strength training has many great benefits for running. Here are a few tips to get ready for race day:

Build your legs and core

Box Jumping

Greg Demonstrates a Box Jump

Your legs, hips and core do a lot of work when you are running, that is why it is important to build strength in these areas to reduce the chances of injury and increase your endurance. But you don’t need to do any crazy exercises to be effective. Exercises like the Plank or Russian Twist are great for your core. Simple exercises like the squat, deadlift, back extension, lunge and leg curl are great for your legs. 

Interval train

Treadmills can become boring and are not as effective as running outside. To get some great cardio work in, add a circuit to your exercise routine or a light weight Tabata workout. Tabata is an effective way to hit your cardio and strength training at the same time.

Jump, Jump, Jump

A great way to improve your explosiveness and strengthen the bones, joints, tendons and ligaments that are used in running through jumping. Box jumps, squat jumps, skater hops, broad jumps and bounding can be great exercises. Try these as an interval or Tabata for some added cardio.

Foam Rolling

Add Foam Rolling to Your Recovery Routine

Get the most out of the treadmill

To get the most out of the treadmill try to avoid straight long distance or timed runs. One of the best ways to utilize the treadmill is through interval training. After warming up, perform intervals of 1 minute at a fast pace followed by 1 minute at a light jog or run.

Focus on recovery

Allow your body to rest. On an off day focus on stretching, yoga or foam rolling. This helps encourage recovery from lifting or high intensity training.

But most importantly, have fun!

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