Strand Fitness Yoga Program

We are close to launching our new yoga program!  We are excited for this new venture – creating a yoga program tailored to the needs of the “slightly older” body.   

Be more flexible and feel less old

Nothing like feeling stiff and wobbly to make you feel old!  I think this is one of the most telling signs that we are aging.  When we begin to feel unsteady and stiff as we move, most of us bemoan our age and wish we could move young again!  This is why we are bringing a yoga program to Strand Fitness – to help our clients be more flexible and have better balance.  

Yoga changes lives!  Read more by clicking here!

Calm the mind and manage stress

In addition to flexibility and mobility, calming the mind and managing stress are aspects of yoga important to our clients.  The combination of movement and breath creates a calming influence.  It makes our bodies and our minds more able to notice and manage stress in our lives. Because our sensory abilities are heightened during a yoga practice, we are more intune with what is or is not working in our lives.  Giving us the chance to make positive changes. 

Create strength and health through yoga.  

We can show you how. 

Contact Pam to schedule your complimentary consultation (630-653-8152;

Personalized programming

The hallmark of our personal training services – personalized programming – will continue with our yoga program.  Private and semi-private sessions will be available.  If you want one-on-one attention, your yoga instructor will be able to tailor a program to meet the needs of your body (and mind).  You will also be able to share a session with a friend with our partner yoga. And we will have a number of small sessions (4-6 people) on the schedule as well. 

Welcoming Environment

Our yoga studio is private and welcoming. It is calm, quiet, and peaceful!  No judgment or intimidation here.  Just like minded people looking to create strength and health in their bodies!  

Yoga at Strand Fitness

Come practice yoga with us in our new studio space!

Yoga at Strand Fitness

Experience the magic of yoga in our new studio!

Interested in practicing yoga but a little intimidated to give it a try? 

See why Strand Fitness is for you!

Contact Pam to schedule a complimentary consultation to get started. (630-653-8152;

Contact Pam to enroll in Strand Fitness’ yoga program

We are ready to schedule individual and partner sessions now.  We are also organizing a small group schedule.  If you are interested, please contact Pam to get on our list.  Call her at 630-653-8152.  Or send her an email at  We look forward to hearing from you!

Strand Fitness is located in Downtown Wheaton, IL.   

We also serve Glen Ellyn, Winfield, Carol Stream and Chicago Western Suburbs.

Learn more about our fitness solutions by clicking here.

Helping people be stronger and healthier!

About Pam Strand

Pam Strand is the owner of Strand Fitness, a personal training studio in Downtown Wheaton, serving Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream, Winfield, & Chicago Western Suburbs. To learn more about how Strand Fitness can help you reach your fitness goals, contact Pam (630 653 8152) and schedule your free fitness consultation. You can also learn more about our fitness solutions here:

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