Relieve tightness in your hips and lower back with this simple yoga series

If you are like me, one of the first places that I noticed that I was “slightly older” was in my hips. And when my hips are tight, my lower back gets over worked. And then it gets tight. Such a vicious cycle! Well here is a very simple yoga sequence that can help keep your hips and lower back flexible and open.

This sequence of yoga moves also creates a rocking motion that can quiet the mind and relieve mental stress. Rhythmic motion follows the same neurological pathways as higher levels of thinking. When you move rhythmically, you do clear your mind!

Give it a try! But only do these moves if your joints are healthy. And be sure to consult your medical professional before starting any exercise program.

Here is the list of movements in this series:

Warm up the spine with 5 – 10 Cat/Cow’s – exhale when you round your back, inhale when you arch
Start the series by exhaling into Child’s Pose
Inhale into Kneeling Plank
Exhale as you lower into Crocodile
Inhale back into Kneeling Plank
Exhale and push back into Child’s Pose
Inhale as you bring your right leg up into a low lunge
Exhale back into Child’s Pose
Inhale as you bring your left leg up into a low lunge
Exhale back into Child’s Pose

Repeat the series 5 – 10 times.

I find yoga one of the best ways to address two issues as we age. The tightness of our joints and the mental stress that permeates our minds. If you would like to know more about yoga and how it can enhance your mobility and well-being, please contact me at Strand Fitness.

To your health and fitness!


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