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I am struggling with this blog post.  My chosen theme this week is about how fitness helps us stave off the physical effects of aging.  I don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said before. 

Many clients enroll in our personal training program because they want to tone their bodies, get a good workout, and keep the weight off as they age.  They are motivated and ready to go.  They see personal training as a way to customize their workout schedule so it fits their work and life schedule.  With a personal trainer, they don’t waste time trying to figure it out on their own.  And they know their trainer helps them bring their “A” game to the studio.  Some will say they know they get their “butt kicked.”  And to them, this is a good thing!



What I am struggling with is finding the words to compel those who want the same thing (the benefits of regular exercise) but can’t seem to take the first step, even though the desire is there. How do you nudge those people to get started and then help them stay the course. This is a key driver for me in my career as a trainer and coach.   How do you help those struggling on their own?  And help those who give up before they get started?

I know that I cannot change someone’s priorities.  They need to arrive at what is important to them on their own.  But I do wish someone struggling to get started with fitness would at least give themselves a chance.  And give me a chance – I will meet them more than half way and help lead them towards the change they desire in their lives.  Just give me a little opening, and we’ll make it happen together. 

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This is the magic of working with a personal trainer. 

They can help you make it happen at a time when you don’t believe it can or believe that you can’t do it.  Just give me a little willingness to learn, and I will show you that you can do it.  Your body is more resilient than you believe.  And you are more capable than you know. I know you are busy and there are a zillion demands on your time.  But…

Did you know that a healthier body and mind make for a more productive and effective person?

To those who say they don’t have time to workout, I ask can you afford not to?  Study after study show the positive effect exercise has on energy, mental efficiency, outlook, and stamina.  Think of the gains you would make in your career, at home, and in your personal life with more energy, mental acuity, resiliency, and stamina not to mention more confidence and a more powerful mindset.  These are the benefits of regular exercise that get forgotten and may have more profound impact on our lives than weight loss and a toned body. 


Working with a personal trainer adds more discipline and gives you more confidence

Set a regular workout schedule with me or any personal trainer.  If you do, you will find the additional structure gets you to the gym more often.  We’ll put together a program that matches your current skill and fitness level and then find the best way to move you forward.  We will try to make it fun and engaging (yes, exercise can be play).  And before you know it, you are exercising on a regular basis and beginning to see results in your strength and health. 

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While some exercises may feel awkward and even silly at times, we will work hard to make sure you succeed with each exercise and in your fitness overall.  What you might not know is how inspiring it is (yourself and others) when you get on the gym floor with the odds seemingly stacked against you.  It happens all of the time at our studio. Collectively, we each help each other succeed and be more confident with each workout.  Isn’t that how life is supposed to work?  Give it a try, let others help build you up, and then move forward together. 

Gain knowledge with the guidance of an expert

Getting started with the guidance of a personal trainer is an excellent way to solve “not knowing what to do on your own.”  Let the expert put together your fitness program and follow their lead on proper technique and the right intensity.  Not only will you learn the exercises and how to lift weights, personal trainers are also a wealth of knowledge on other healthy habits such as nutrition, sleep, and managing stress.  It is like having your own private coach whose number one goal is your success. Now that is inspiring!

Strand Fitness is a personal training studio in Downtown Wheaton, IL.  We specialize in highly personalized fitness programming for the “slightly” older body.  We also serve Glen Ellyn, Winfield, Carol Stream and Chicago Western Suburbs.

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Pam Strand is the owner of Strand Fitness, a personal training studio in Downtown Wheaton, serving Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream, Winfield, & Chicago Western Suburbs. To learn more about how Strand Fitness can help you reach your fitness goals, contact Pam (630 653 8152) and schedule your free fitness consultation. You can also learn more about our fitness solutions here:

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