Move it, Or Lose it!

Thanks to Gail O’Connell for contributing to our blog and writing this post. Gail is a fitness enthusiast and a role model for healthy and fit living. It’s hard to keep up with Gail. She’s always on the go – hiking, meeting up with friends, hosting book clubs, traveling here and abroad. She attributes her ability to live such an active life to her consistency in working out and eating healthy. Gail has been a client of Pam Strand’s for many years. Here’s Gail… 


Mobility – a word you hear more and more often referring to everything from electronics to fitness. What exactly does “mobility” mean when it comes to fitness?

To me mobility equates to freedom – the ability to move about freely and easily. 

I first started thinking about mobility, or really lack of mobility, when I noticed how people moved so stiffly. Think about getting out of the car after a long commute. Are you stiff? Do you find yourself rubbing your back subconsciously? Maybe you sat at your computer for hours, or slouched on the couch binging on too much television. You felt great when you started out but, suddenly you’re moving a little slower, a little bent over with a few aches and pains.

Mobility Solutions

During the day, we all have to remain still for some period of time, so how do you keep the aches and pain away?

To stay “ache free” you need to keep moving. Easy enough, but what actually is best? It all depends on you, of course, but usually a combination of cardio activity and weight training. Cardiovascular exercise is good for your heart, circulation and will help you build stamina. Weight training will build muscle. A combination of both are needed to keep you mobile.

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Now might be the time to consult an expert on what is the best course of action for you.
A personal trainer will develop a program that is just right for you. They will work with you to strengthen your body one step at a time. As you get stronger and more flexible, your trainer will change your workout. That’s the benefit of having a one-on-one personal trainer – you are always maximizing your time in the studio with a workout that changes as your body changes. Not only is your mobility increasing, but you will not get bored doing the same routines over and over. Staying engaged keeps you motivated to keep working out and moving your body.

Strand Fitness has personal trainers who are ready to work with you and create a program tailored to your needs and fitness level. Get moving, or move more. It’s the best way to keep those aches and pains away!

Get rid of the stiffness that makes you feel so old!

Call Pam (630-653-8152 or email to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation fitness consultation.

We’ll get you moving with more ease and with fewer aches and pains!

To learn more about our Mobility Programs, please visit: Mobility & Movement Solutions

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