There is More to Losing Weight Than Focusing on the Scale

If you have been a reader of my blog posts (hope that you are), you’ll know that weight loss is the biggest challenge for me on my fitness journey.  It seems that I have always been battling my weight.  More accurately, I have always been at battle with the scale.  I don’t like what is tells me about myself.  

That is, until the last few years.  About 15 months ago, I decided to break up with my scale.  It felt pretty good!  Fantastic – in fact!  It was not a relationship that brought much joy into my life.  Except when the numbers were heading down!  That always made the scale my friend.  But my friendship was fickle.  When the numbers stayed the same or went up no matter how I hoped they would go down, I did not like my scale. But mostly, I did not like myself.

What changed?  Why did I break up with my scale?  I finally decided to look at the big picture. I may not be too excited about what the scale says these days. But I decided that there were more important things related to my weight loss than my relationship with my scale.

To set the stage, I am not a person who says that I need to take some weight off, but in reality am someone who has a tremendously low body fat number. Or one of “those” people who complain about being overweight as they walk around in their size zero clothes.   That is not the case. I am about 25 pounds overweight.  And at times, I get extremely frustrated with myself about the weight gain I have experienced over the past year and a half.  It takes some effort to keep myself from being defeated about what the scale says.  But I am determined to keep the scale in perspective.

The scale is only a number.  A data point from a moment in time.  

And if I can keep myself grounded and maintain an objective mind, I can say “Yep, the scale is a pretty accurate read on my lifestyle and its impact on my body and on my weight.”  But I can quickly lose my center and find my mind flailing around – exclaiming that I am a loser or blaming the scale for revealing something I was afraid to admit. That I am overweight; and that I am responsible.

Oh boy, that stings!  But when you step back and put it in perspective, the scale tells you like it is.  If you want it to show a smaller number, you got to do something about it. And that is the lesson.  In order to move the scale, you got to stop yelling at the scale and start looking at yourself.  The scale is the sum total of the decisions and choices that you are making in your life.  If you want the scale to say something different, you need to start making different choices. That’s the bottom line.  It doesn’t mean that you are a bad or worthless person.  It just says it is time to make different choices in order to get a different result.

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Honesty and objectivity are extremely important soulmates on a weight loss journey.

Being honest with yourself about your choices.  And being objective about what the numbers say.  Whether you believe it or not, a higher than desired number on the scale simply says you are at “x” weight.  If it is higher than you would like, it is NOT saying you are a bad person, a lazy person, or a worthless person.  It’s just a number; we create its meaning.  

The more we can move ourselves away from being a victim to the scale or away from the battle with the scale, the more objective we can be.  And the more powerful we will be to create positive change in our lifestyle habits that will result in weight loss.

Broadening your perspective on how to track progress gives you more to work with and to feel good about.  

There are three reasons most people want to lose weight.  They want a leaner more trim body.  They want to be healthier. And they want to perform better – in their daily lives whether that is at work, at home, or at the gym!  Yet we fixate on the scale.  Yes, it is a key measure of the status of your weight loss.  But it is not the only voice to consider.  

The scale is not the only way to measure results.

Getting the measuring tape out and measuring different parts of your body is also important.  You can be getting leaner and more trim without losing weight. How cool is that, you can look better without dropping a pound.  

Don your swimsuit or get into some tight fitting workout clothes and take a picture.  Then come back a month later (and a month after that, and a month after that) and take another picture – same clothes, same photography setup.  With honesty and objectivity, take a look at what you are seeing.  If you see progress, keep doing what you are doing.  If you see the same situation or that your body is getting “bigger,” it’s time to make switch things up.

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Improving your health can be priceless and “scale-less!”

Forget the scale for a moment – what do your medical results say?  How is your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugars, triglycerides?  These are important ways to measure the results of your weight loss journey.  Doing what is necessary to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way can have a profound impact on your health.  Your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugars, and triglycerides can all move to the positive side with proper nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management.

My health is important to me.  And it may be to you too!  So remember to take a look at your health factors and make them part of your weight loss journey.  Think about how great it feels to have your cholesterol or blood pressure numbers within a healthy range.

Even if the scale doesn’t budge for awhile, learning to eat healthy, exercise, and take care of yourself can enhance your daily life – on an extraordinary level!

Taking care of yourself with proper nutrition, regular exercise, the right amount of sleep, and productive stress will have a tremendous effect on your energy, your outlook on life, and your mental effectiveness and efficiency.  You don’t need a scale to know this.  And you don’t need a scale to measure this.  Pay attention to these aspects of the weight loss journey, and it is likely you will find a greater level of empowerment to make more positive changes in your life.

Pay attention and manage to these factors, and the scale will take care of itself.

You don’t have to be perfect to get results.  Consistency is key!

Weight loss is achieved not by being perfect in your food choices and in your exercise routine.  It is achieved by doing a little bit better each and every day – consistently over time. Losing weight is not an “ easy-breezy” trip. It takes a lot of determination, grit, and courage to address the challenges head-on and make the required changes.  But the rewards can be amazing.   If you just let yourself focus on other things than the scale.

Having a support system can enhance your results!

If you find yourself struggling on your own, please give me a call (630-653-8152) or send me an email (  I would be honored to be part of your weight loss journey.  Our fitness consultations are a great way to break through what is holding your back from success.  Whether you hire us or not, the session can make a positive difference in your results.

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