How to Lift Weights When You Get Older Pt. II

In a recent blog post, I began a conversation about “how to lift weights when you are older.”  Today, I want to add to that conversation with two additional points that will help keep you injury- and pain-free as you progress in your strength training program.   

Personalization is key; older bodies have their idiosyncrasies.

As we age, it becomes apparent that we’ve put our bodies through a lot.  For decades, we may have compensated in one part of the body for aches, pains, and even injuries in another part.  We may have created poor movement habits. We’ve sat too much. We’ve marveled at our “weekend warriors” escapades, even if we felt like we went through the ringer afterwards.  And we’ve ended up with some issues in our tissues. But that doesn’t mean we can’t lift weights.  In fact, it is probably a good thing to lift weights so we can balance out our body and improve how we move.

If you don’t know your body so well and are not up on the latest ways to modify exercises, then seek out a professional.  Hire a personal trainer.  It may sound self serving (since I own a personal training studio), but I believe a great investment in your health and fitness is working with a personal trainer.

This is why we specialize in one-on-one training at Strand Fitness.

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When you get older, it behooves you to work with a professional who has the ability to tailor strength training program to you and your body.  Great trainers are able to spot and adjust for muscle imbalances and inherent weaknesses in your body.  And they are able to design a program that takes into consideration any medical or orthopedic condition that you might have.

Be open to discomfort and for getting out of your comfort zone

As we get older, our bodies are pretty set in their ways.  Lifting weights will challenge those ways and take us out of our comfort zone.  Depending on your perspective.  That could be a good or not so good thing.  I like lifting weights for this reason.  Certain exercises challenge my beliefs about my body and my strength.  Others challenge my balance and my athletic skills.  And while I might not like it in the moment, I know this is keeping my mind, not just my body, young and vibrant.  

After decades of moving, our movement patterns are pretty set.  And they are comfortable to us, whether a healthy movement pattern or not. When you start lifting weights, those movement patterns will be challenged.  You will move your body in ways you haven’t moved it in awhile (maybe decades!). That is going to feel uncomfortable and maybe make you feel a little vulnerable. Be open to the change and the challenge, but always do so with a conversation with your personal trainer.   They will incorporate your feedback into the exercise selection and/or program design so you can progress your fitness levels in a safe and effective way.

Lately, I have been in conversation with my personal trainers about my hips and knees.  They are stiff and often sore.  My range of motion has become more limited than it used to.  As a result of our discussion, we have backed off of using significant weights for any lower body exercise.  We’ve concentrated on my movement patterns and developing strength through bodyweight exercises. It hasn’t been a pretty transition in my mind – I have stumbled, lost my balance, and had to deal with not being able to perform certain movements.  Was I embarrassed – sometimes!  Did I feel silly – Oh, Yes!  But my body is moving much better and the soreness is going away.  

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  1. Cindy Jensen October 14, 2017 9:02 pm #

    Excellent advice/guidance as always! Thank you Pam!

    • Pam Strand
      Pam Strand October 17, 2017 4:07 pm #

      Thank you, Cindy! I appreciate your feedback.

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