Yep – You can “eat lean” during the holidays!

It is possible to “eat lean” over the holidays.  Yes, you can eat your way through the holidays without giving up on your fitness & health goals.  Here is how:

Step 1: Reconnect with your goals, especially the part about how important your fitness and health are to you and why you are doing the hard work to be healthy and to have that lean body you desire.  It is a good idea to keep these goals in mind as you head out to a holiday party or are sitting down to Christmas dinner. Visualize your dream body as you take each bite or sip.

Step 2: Stay fully focused on your goals and have your distraction control system turned on high when those delicious holiday dishes make their appearance.

Step 3: Remind yourself of the main building blocks of an “eat lean” meal.  Start with colorful vegetables (raw, steamed, roasted).  As long as the vegetables are not loaded with butter, sauces, and cheese, each as much of these as you want.  Then select your lean protein. Your protein serving should be around the size of (1) palm for women and (1) to (2) palms for men. The third building block is high-fiber, slow digesting carbs such as legumes, winter squash, sweet potatoes, steel cut oats, whole grains (bread, pasta), whole grain rices. Limit these to (1) cupped handful. And finally, (1) thumb of healthy fats.

Step 4: Have a plan. Time your meals throughout the day.  And then plan what you are going to eat at each meal – before you sit down to eat. If you are heading to a restaurant, check out the menu beforehand.  If you are going to a friend’s house, remember the “meal” begins with the first thing you put in your mouth. Pace yourself.  And keep the building blocks in mind as you move through the appetizers, main course, and desserts.

Step 5:  If you slip up, wipe the slate clean and start over the next minute.  Consistency and a mind set of a little bit better each day will get you through the challenges of holiday eating!

To your fitness & health!


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