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Thanks to Grace Schwanda for contributing to our blog and writing this post. Grace Schwanda has her personal trainer certificate from W.I.T.S (World Instructors Training Schools). She is actively exercising and working on her own fitness level at this ‘slightly older’ time of life. Grace is the soccer referee trainer for the  Wheaton Park District and has been a Physical Education methods teacher at the collegiate level, as well as a music educator in schools, college and churches. Grace is looking at life with new eyes and saying, “why not me and why not now!” Here’s Grace…

Have you ever thought about the word strive? I looked it up and found a good definition at

strive: strahyv
1. to exert one self vigorously; try hard
2. to make strenuous efforts toward any goal

For those of us beginning to consider a fitness program, strive sounds like an excellent word to describe the initiation. We need to set goals and then exert ourselves vigorously to attain our goals.

Mobility is one of my goals. I want to maintain and increase my mobility in the coming months and years. I enjoy walking, jogging, biking, swimming, travel and being outside observing the beauty of this world. What a gift to be able to move! I don’t take it for granted at this ‘slightly older age.’

Perhaps parking in the furthest area of the parking lot is a good idea after all. Taking the stairs, and not the elevator, could be useful for mobility retention. Even doing one level of steps in a multi-floor building is a good idea. Jumping rope or shooting hoops with your kids are wonderful activities that happen outside to keep us active.

Inside, we are bending, twisting, lifting and stretching everyday as we clean, garden and live. Moving is something we do all the time and never think about. As we age, some of these movements become more difficult. We may experience some aches and pains and start to think about our bodies more seriously. How do we move and swivel out of our office chair? Can we stand up without using our hands to push ourselves up? Do we notice our balance is not as good as last year? What activities will keep us strong in the future?

Striving for better health and wellness with planned fitness

As the definition of strive says, we may need to make some strenuous efforts to increase our fitness level or any goal we strive to accomplish. This is where a personal trainer is an asset. Your trainer can assist you in the activities that will lead you to your fitness goals.

You may strive to have better general health and wellness, strength, flexibility, cardio, balance, core strength, and mobility. Through a planned fitness program, you will know if you are working toward your goals as your fitness level is continually assessed and modified.

Having just completed a level two Personal Training Certification, I have spent many hours in the gym. I’ve watched people working out by themselves and even more clients working out with a trainer. It’s wonderful to see the relationships that develop between a trainer and client. As trainers, we want people to succeed!

Striving each day in life

Now that I am of full retirement age, it has been a wonderful time for me to focus on achieving my fitness goals now and as I strive to move forward. Fitness is not a short term goal. Whenever I visit my daughter and grandchildren, we play and workout together. What fun we have! Playing with children can be a big part of our exercise life. Kids are movers by design. Younger children are learning how to walk, gallop, skip and dance. I’m blessed during this season of my life as I get to play again.

Owning a dog is said to be a plus because the owner needs to get out and walk. In the photo below, the dog probably wonders why we are always so active.  We want to keep moving for the rest of our lives. What fun we all have playing with the kids and exercising a few high –low planks at the same time!

Strive ahead towards your fitness goals

Striving ahead with your exercise program will help you work on specific goals. As we embrace our ‘slightly older age,’ we need to challenge our bodies to work on strength and flexibility to maintain our mobility.

In the book How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell, the motivational speaker, he shares, “Most people spend more time planning their summer vacation than planning their lives.”

Now is a good time to start planning for how you want to look, feel, move and strive in the years ahead.

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Be Strong and Enjoy Your Life!

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    Priscilla H. September 25, 2018 11:09 am #

    Looks great, Grace. Go get ’em! I wish you all the best in this wonderful new endeavor.


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    Bonnie A Schmitt September 25, 2018 8:18 pm #

    Wonderful job, Grace! So proud of you! You continue to set goals for yourself & always do achieve them. Keep up the great work! Enjoyed your blog.


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