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I was recently reminded of the importance of a personal trainer who truly listens to you and is able to create an injury-free fitness program that works with (not against) the areas of your body in need of a little extra care.  There is nothing more frustrating and disappointing to feel that your personal trainer has ignored your feedback and input.  It is also very painful!


While I’d like to think that my body is invincible (!), the truth is that I have some issues that I can’t ignore. 

If I do, I walk around with painful knees and shoulders.  Muscle soreness from a workout is one thing, but joint pain is downright annoying!  Not to mention stressful, because I am wondering if I am damaging my joints and setting myself up for an injury down the road.  My expectations when working with a personal trainer is that they work to keep my joints healthy and spry!  If you have joint issues (or want to prevent any), this should be your expectation as well.

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Exercising safely is one of the top three goals of personal training clients

At least this is my experience from my work as a personal trainer.  I get to meet with every client who enrolls at Strand Fitness, and inevitably “injury prevention” is a major point of conversation.  And it doesn’t matter if there is a history of injury or not.  As we head into our “slightly older” years, most of us want to prevent injuries and preserve our joint health.  It is a key factor for staying mobile in our later years.

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A personal trainer is an excellent resource  if you have joint issues and want to be strong and fit

If you are considering hiring a personal trainer, be sure to pay attention to how well they listen to you and the types of questions that they ask.  Minimally a personal trainer,  through their intake questions or enrollment forms, should be asking about recent injuries or surgeries.  They should also be asking whether you have a joint issue that can be made worse through increased activity.  Don’t be shy.  Share any details or concerns.  And then ask if they have worked with similar issues with prior clients.  And if they have, ask them to give examples of their program design and exercise selection.  Ask about their client results.  And ask them to give you an initial game plan for how they will address your specific issue.


Find a personal trainer who listens and incorporates your input into their program design

Listening is such an important skill.  When a personal trainer listens well, it builds trust.  And trust is essential for a successful partnership with your personal trainer.  In my own experience as a client, I have such a visceral reaction when it is clear the trainer has not heard me.  It can (and has) tarnished the relationship.  So be sure you feel your personal trainer listens to you and incorporates your feedback into their programming.  And if they ask you to perform an exercise that doesn’t feel right, be sure to tell them before you do it.  It’s your body after all!

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If you have joint issues, think conservative and be cautious in the beginning

It is always best to err on the side of being too conservative.  While this approach can try your patience, it is the safest strategy.  It is easy to ramp things up and increase the challenge after a few “pain free” workouts.  It is difficult to try to scale things back if you push too hard out of the gate and create inflammation or injury. An important question to ask a prospective trainer is how cautious and conservative are they and how do they know when it is time to progress your workouts and exercises.  Laying the foundation for more complex and challenging exercises can feel like nothing is happening.  But your body is adapting and building the necessary stabilizing strength that will keep you pain and injury free in the future.


At Strand Fitness, we are meticulous in asking questions and listening to our clients. 

Our complimentary (no-obligation) fitness consultations provide ample opportunity to learn about your fitness levels and any physical limitations or concerns.  It is the first step to joint friendly and injury free fitness. 

Contact Pam (630-653-8152 or email to schedule your consultation.  We’ll put together a game plan for joint friendly fitness so you can be strong, healthy, and fit.  

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