Here’s how to make losing weight easier

Changing nutrition habits in order to lose weight seems to be one of the most difficult things to do on a fitness journey.

The most common phrase I hear when I consult with someone about losing weight is this – “ We all know what to do, but why is it so hard to make ourselves do it.”  That statement is usually accompanied with a nervous chuckle and a look of pain in the eyes.

I believe the answer to how to lose weight lies in us discovering the answer for ourselves.  We don’t have to do it on our own.  But the resources we choose to work with should be ones who can help us explore our nutritional house, clear our obstacles, and solve our own unique puzzle.

To lose weight and keep it off requires a formula that is tailored to you.

Too many times, we try to follow someone else’s plan to no avail.  Long term success is unlikely when we do what others tell us to do.  “Eat this, don’t do that, control your portions, set up this meal prep system, use these food containers to measure portions.” Failure is likely in this situations because the plan is someone else’s – not ours.  Using someone else’s plan doesn’t recognize  our tastes, our food prep skills, the demands on our time, and the circumstances in our life.  When we create our own plan using our strengths and developing the skills we need for our success, we have something that works for us. We have a way of eating and relating to food that is true to our nature and how we operate.  

It’s a challenging journey to create our own path to weight loss and healthy nutrition.  But once we have it, it is so much easier to lose weight and keep it off.

With all of the resources available to us, there is no reason to struggle on your own to lose weight.  If you are considering selecting a weight loss program to help you through the journey, here are five things to look for in any program you ultimately choose.

  1. Make sure It guides you in creating nutrition that is realistic and practical for YOU!  And that it takes the “whole you” into consideration.   For example, if you love to count and analyze, then a program that encourages you to track macronutrients and calories might work for you.  If you are someone looking for simplicity, a program that helps you create a simple, fool-proof plan is the one for you. Either way, consider what is doable for you.
  2. Look for a program that teaches and encourages proven habits. In the end, it is creating healthy behaviors around and with food that brings success.
  3. Consider a program that helps you discover your motivations and what is truly most important to you.  When the going gets tough (and it will), having a strong sense of your “why” will keep you going.  
  4. It important that your program helps you learn what makes YOU a success.  Awareness is a big important piece of the puzzle.  Mastering new skills, using your strengths, breaking through what has held you back from success – all of these are essential elements of a weight loss program.
  5. Find a program that is filled with simple tools that keep you moving along, a little at a time.  Tools and action items that keep the weight loss journey as simple and as doable as possible.  You want a program that focuses on action.

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I love the Nutrition & Lifestyle Program we have at place at Strand Fitness.  It meets the five criteria described above.  And….

  • It is a systematized program that coaches you through the necessary steps to learn a way of eating that is going to work for you.  
  • It helps you explore your challenges, identify your strengths, and develop new nutrition skills.  
  • And it helps you let go of the “gunk” that gets in your way, and it challenges you to take a look at what really puts the weight on.  

At the end of the 12 months, not only have you lost weight, but you have a whole new way of thinking about health and fitness.  And a whole new way of being and living.  Of course, you have to do the work but you don’t have to sweat the process.  The program has that covered for you – in a very sensible, doable, and realistic way.  

Success in losing weight comes from creating what works for you – one step at a time!

Our Nutrition & Lifestyle Program is powered by Precision Nutrition’s (PN) ProCoach.  PN’s ProCoach is a world-class, habit-based nutrition coaching program.  It has helped over 45,000 people world-wide lose over 900,000 pounds.  

I love our the program is working in our clients’ lives. Our clients are learning how to master simple, straightforward nutritional habits and are changing the way they eat.  They are more accountable, more knowledgeable, and more empowered.

If you are interested in losing weight and are tired of struggling on your own, give me a call today (630-653-8152) to schedule your complimentary consultation.  

We can work together and create the winning formula for you to lose weight and be healthy.

Please visit our website to learn about we combine exercise and nutrition to help you lose weight and be healthy!   

Strand Fitness is a personal training studio in Downtown Wheaton, serving Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream, Winfield, and Chicago Western Suburbs. 

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Pam Strand is the owner of Strand Fitness, a personal training studio in Downtown Wheaton, serving Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream, Winfield, & Chicago Western Suburbs. To learn more about how Strand Fitness can help you reach your fitness goals, contact Pam (630 653 8152) and schedule your free fitness consultation. You can also learn more about our fitness solutions here:

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