Here’s how to help your mind help you lose weight

Strand Fitness provides a path for our clients to have a strong, healthy, and able body as they age.  For a number of clients, that includes helping them find their way to losing weight.  And that path is unique to each individual and it can change as an individual’s life and circumstances change.  

No wonder losing weight can feel like a complicated, confusing journey.  Just when you think you got your formula, your body changes. Or just when you are really rocking the meal planning and prep, your life changes with a new job or a new relationship.  How in the world is someone to lose weight, when life and Mother Nature throw so much at you?  

For some, losing weight is a long, arduous process.  One that never feels complete.  And one that has its ups and downs.  Sounds like life!  Just like life, our path is never a straight line.  And depending upon our perspective, the ups and downs can be a battle or they can just be part of the experience. It’s our choice.  Which do you choose? When I am aware, I can choose the experience.  But when I get lost in the ride, my weight loss journey is filled with numerous battles.  I am unsure at times if I am winning at all.

I am one who struggles with her weight.  It seems it has always been a challenge for me.  The earliest memory I have of being overweight was when I was a Brownie. (Yes, that was a long time ago!)  I remember the belt on my uniform didn’t fit anymore.  I noticed that I didn’t just grow up, I grew out too!

I sure would like the struggle to go away, especially since I know that I create it. 

Sometimes I am aware enough to see what I am doing or thinking that makes my weight loss journey such a struggle and filled with frustration.  Other times I am not so astute.  It is at those times I remind myself that I get more of what I focus on.  So I have taught myself that when the struggle is a constant companion, I turn my focus on something else.  That something else is creating a path that helps me live the healthiest lifestyle that I can.   It is at these moments that I find the power to do what I know to do to lose weight.  And it feels easy.  And I have more confidence.

Give us a call today and let us help create the perfect path to help you shed those unwanted pounds – and keep them off! 

Obstacles are mostly in our minds.  

Our minds are wonderful tools.  But left “unsupervised,” they can wreak havoc on our waistlines.  The beliefs and filters that we carry in our minds create the emotions that drive our behaviors.  As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.

Most of the obstacles in weight loss come from our minds.  That’s not to say that there are not many external obstacles and challenges.  For example, our time may be very limited and financial resources too.  Someone may be going through a particularly stressful time in life – new job, death in the family, moving – that impacts their weight loss efforts. There may be medical conditions and treatments that cause weight gain or affect our ability to lose weight.  And a person may not know where to start – how to begin to workout, what to eat.  

But even in these situations, it is how we view these events in our lives that can affect what the scale reads and how successful we are in losing weight.

One of the most curious statements I hear often from people is “My body does not like to exercise so that’s why I don’t work out.”  Our bodies don’t think, they react to what we are thinking.  Moving our bodies is one of the most natural things that we do.  Our bodies were designed to move.  Granted, someone who makes this statement may just have not found a form of exercise that matches their style and bodies.  But generally it is the person who has convinced themselves that their body doesn’t like exercise.

What obstacles are you creating for yourself?  Identifying those will help you eliminate them.  You may even find a way to move around them and head a different, more successful direction. We can help! Our expert trainers can tailor a plan to meet your individual needs that will get you on the path to a strong, healthy, and able body! 

When you find you don’t want to do something, you have probably found where the action is!

Pay attention to those moments when you hear yourself complaining that you don’t want to go to the grocery store to get fresh fruits and vegetables.  Or you find yourself rationalizing away your good nutritional habits . Or making excuses why you can’t find time to exercise.

These moments of resistance can be your breakthrough moment if you can get clear on why you are resisting your efforts to eat healthy and lose weight.  

Constantly overbooking your schedule and crowding out time for exercise or to eat healthy? Refusing to eat your vegetables?  What is that about?   Noticing and naming these moments can provide valuable insights.  Once you have identified your filter, you can shift that belief or that perspective and move yourself along.

When you found you have done something that you didn’t realize you did, pay attention!

Ever find your hand full of candy and have no clue that you just walked by your co-workers’ candy jar?  How about discovering that you have fast food in your car and almost forgot that it was you who drove through the drive thru?  Do you leave the grocery store with unhealthy treats and wonder how they got there?  

These are mindless moments of going through the motions. Open your eyes, observe your behaviors, find out where your mind was when you ate that whole bag of chips or put that extra large tub of ice cream in your shopping cart. You may find a sense of boredom or loneliness that needs to be addressed or stress that needs to be managed.  You may also find that your overeating is triggered by something.  Once you know that, you can remove the trigger.

Fake it until you make it

Don’t like to plan meals or eat your vegetables? Pretend that you do, and do it anyway.  Eventually the habit will become just that, a habit.  

If you let your mind keep you from doing what it is that you need to do to lose weight, you will be thoughtfully overweight.

Sometimes we need to listen to Nike and “just do it!”  Repeating an action can create the feeling of success.  That success can lead to another successful habit. I know a number of our clients really don’t enjoy exercising.  But they consistently come to the studio. At first they pretended they liked exercise.  But after awhile, they found something that they liked that keeps them coming back.  They have established a great relationship with their trainer that adds value to their life.  Or they focus on how good it feels to be done with exercise.  And they even find that they do like exercise – it’s fun!  

Weight loss is a tough journey for many people.  But when we learn to have our mind work for us rather than against us, the journey is transformed.

At Strand Fitness, we love to be part of our client’s weight loss journey and help them learn how to create their unique path for success. We can help you eliminate the struggle and find success.  

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