Here is how to keep up with the aging process

Getting older is not for the weary!  It takes effort to keep up with the aging process.  It takes a little humor too!

Aging is inevitable.  Suffering is optional!

Aging is a natural process.  But our attitude sets the stage for how we age. We can complain and focus on all of the things that we can’t do now that we could do when we were younger. But if we focus on what we can do and be grateful for what our bodies do for us, we can age gracefully. And feel younger as a result!

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Take a full body approach to fitness

Sometimes getting older is overwhelming.  I don’t know about you, but many days I feel like my body changes hourly.  It’s hard to keep up and know what to do. That is why it is a good idea to think “full body” when considering exercise.  One definition of “full body” is to work the major muscles twice a week in a strength training program, and include cardiovascular conditioning (150 minutes at a moderate level; or 75 minutes of high intensity if you are well conditioned).   

Another definition of “full body” is to think about your entire body and what it needs to thrive physically (yes, your body can thrive in your slightly older years!).  In addition to the strength training and cardiovascular training noted above, I would add stretching and restorative movement to the list of things that we can do to keep our bodies as young as possible.

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Regular stretching keeps you limber

You know how good stretching feels, yet how often do you do it?  It is kind of funny.  Something that feels so good, yet we rarely find time to do it.  I am hear to tell you (and remind myself) regular stretching is worth it!  So do it!!  

Most everyone can benefit from stretching.  Again, think “full body” when you stretch.  Fitness media focuses a great deal of attention on the lower body (e.g. hamstrings, hip flexors, quads).  The lower body is definitely a trouble spot for most people.  But our muscles and tissues are interconnected. 

Many times what feels tight is really a symptom of tightness in another area of the body.  This is why I find a full body stretch important for an overall sense of well-being.  Neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands are other areas of the body typically tight in people. Abdominal muscles too!  

The book pictured here is a wonderful resource for finding stretches that are helpful to your body

Restorative movement is therapeutic to the body (and mind)

Restorative movement does what it name implies.  It restores movement to the body.  You can find this movement is many different forms in the fitness industry.  Yoga, particularly classes labelled restorative or gentle, would be a practice that helps restore movement in the body and bring the body back to its healthy state. 

Many fitness facilities have mobility classes and foam rolling/myofascial releases programs and workshops that help us rid the body of aches, pains, and limited movement. 

Here at Strand Fitness, we also use muscle activation exercises to restore proper mechanics to the body.  These exercises, designed not to fatigue the muscle, help the body to “fire” muscles properly in order to improve the health of our movements. 

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Personal training is an ideal solution for managing the aging process

Personal training is my favorite resource to help me manage the aging process in my body.  (Full disclosure here – I own a personal training studio, Strand Fitness.)  With a personal trainer, you get a highly personalized program designed to help you reach your goals in the way that makes the most sense for your body.  Since a trainer tends to have training in many aspects of fitness, they can design a well rounded program for you that addresses strength, cardio, balance, flexibility, and nutrition.  A one stop shop that gets you results and uses your time effectively!



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