Got a Case of the “Blahs” in Your Strength Training?

Having a blah day

We all have those days when motivation is tough to find. You may have had a tough day at work, you might be getting bored of your current routine or you’re simply having a blah day.

So, what can you do when your body and mind just don’t feel like working out? You could skip it, which is understandable. Or, you can stick with it. 

Taking a break and allowing your body to rest and recover from your workouts is an important part of any strength training routine. And sleep is sometimes the best remedy. But if you are like me, your time is very limited and getting to the gym today might be your only chance to get your training in. So what can you do?

Lighten Up and Concentrate on Form

If you are training for a marathon, you don’t run a full marathon every time. The same is true when it comes to strength training. On those days when you just aren’t feeling it, use lighter weights and higher reps while focusing on your form. This will help you maintain and build on your foundation for better results down the road.

Focus on Your Neglected Areas

We all have them. For me, it is my calves. I don’t do many calf exercises. But when I do, I can tell I get better at my other exercises. Giving these neglected areas attention will still provide benefits towards your long terms goals. For example, many individuals have weak and stiff hips. Building strength and mobility in this area can help you in developing leg and core strength. And, even, get rid of some nagging aches and pains.

Stretch it Out

On those strength days when I am not feeling it, stretching is a go to for me. Stretching helps aid in recovery. Stretching methods to try are static stretching, yoga or foam rolling. All of these are great at relaxing the body and mind to help boost your mood and speed up your body’s recovery.

Next time you just don’t feel like hitting the gym, try one of these techniques and you will be surprised by how great you will feel. And how ready you are for your next workout!

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About Greg Putra

Fitness has been a big part of Greg’s life. From baseball and football to running and weight training, he has always been involved in some facet of fitness. His motto is, “Keep it simple.” He helps his clients focus on taking the small steps necessary to meet their goals. He understands that everyone has a different approach and goal in mind to what it means to be physically fit. His experience in mindfulness and as a corporate manager gives him a unique perspective on how to focus his client’s efforts to meet their goals.

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