Getting more out of your workouts

Bringing your “A” game to your workouts.  Being more consistent.  Going harder. Lifting heavier.  These are all strategies for getting more results out of your workouts.  But there are other strategies for improving results too.  These aren’t as “jazzy,” but they are equally important.  In fact, you might say that they are more important because they set the stage for getting more out of your workouts!

Small exercises can make a world of difference

There is a reason doctors and physical therapists send you on your way with a list of simple exercises to do at home, on your own.  They work!  Not only do they help you continue to build strength, they also help prevent aches, pains, and re-injury.  Even if you have not had an injury or surgery, small exercises performed regularly throughout the week can help your body perform better in fitness and in life.  Your personal trainer can guide you in which exercises will be most beneficial to your body and your fitness results. 



We recently added a shoulder system at Strand Fitness

Developed by Crossover Symmetry, these shoulder exercises make sure your muscles are firing the way they should.  When your muscles activate correctly, you reduce pain, increase functionality, and keep injuries at bay. You won’t miss workouts.  And when you do work out, you can reach your goals more confidently.  In the video above, Greg Putra (Strand Fitness personal trainer) demonstrates two of the shoulder activation exercises.  The whole series takes about 7 minutes – a perfect warm up set!  

Ask your trainer for some “maintenance” exercises

Most of us in our “slightly older” years probably have an annoying ache or pain.  Rather than chalk these limitations up to getting older and ignoring them, we can do something to help ourselves and our bodies. That something is a set of small, simple exercises performed on a regular basis. 

Make some simple “maintenance” exercises a part of your daily or weekly habits.  Your body will say thank you and reward you with the relief and confidence that comes from moving better! 

In the video below, Greg demonstrates a simple exercise that I am doing to strengthen my knees.  As you can see, you don’t need any special equipment to do these exercises.  Think about doing exercises like these as a break from sitting at your desk at work.  Doing these barefoot is also an option.  



Turn these exercises into a habit

I have known for quite some time that doing some “preventative maintenance” for my knees and my shoulders would benefit me tremendously.  Like many busy people, I rebelled against the time it would take from my schedule. Now that I am doing the exercises, it really takes no time at all.  Making it a habit is essential.   

  • Put together a set of 3-5 exercises to do.  Pick exercises that you are comfortable with and confident in doing. And ones that you can do in 10 minutes. 
  • Designate 3 times a week to do these exercises.  It’s best to fit it into your regular routine at home, at the office, or at the gym.  
  • Claim your spot where you will do these exercises. 



I found the designated “spot” the most important for staying consistent.  The stairs in our lower level studio are now my spot for heel raises.  This exercise strengthens my lower legs and feet and helps take pressure off of my knees (see this exercise demonstrated in the video above.).  Every time I step onto that lower step, I am thinking about the exercise I do there.  It is a constant reminder that is hard to ignore. 

Let us know if you have any questions.  We are here to help you be successful in your fitness journey!

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