Find Your Motivation to Workout and Be Fit!

Fitness is a journey

While the weather may variably suggest otherwise, spring is here! And this is usually the time of year when the motivation to get your workouts in begins to fade. The crowds at the gyms are now becoming more and more sparse as individuals begin to put their resolutions on hold. Work has begun to pick up, warmer weather activities begin to grab our attention and, most importantly, we may not be seeing the results as fast as we expected — and that is OK!

Fitness is more of a journey than a quick fix. There will be times when you lose your motivation, get frustrated with your progress or hit a plateau. As personal trainers, we see this often. The important thing is to not give up. So how can you sustain your motivation? Read on for 5 tips to stay motivated with your workouts!

5 Tips to Stay Motivated with Your Workouts

Be compassionate with yourself

This can be hard to do, since we have a tendency to be critical of ourselves more than anyone else. As I mentioned earlier, fitness training is a journey and, as with any journey, there will be ups and down. Forgive yourself if you missed a session or didn’t have a great day at the gym. Or if you are not “feeling it” that day, try going for a walk or doing something lite to keep yourself moving forward.

Set a Goal and then set it again

Maybe your goal was to go to the gym or run 3 days a week and you’re getting tired of the usual routine. Set a new goal for yourself that is different from your first goal but still gets you moving towards your end goal. As long as it moves your forward, it is worth doing.

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Mix it up

If you are getting tired of hitting the weights every time you are in the gym, try heading outdoors and go for a walk, run or a bike ride instead. The change of scenery can help you reset and find your motivation again.

Find a partner in crime

A lot of people lose their motivation because they don’t feel like they are being held accountable. Finding a strand-fitness-wheaton-personal-trainersworkout partner can help you be accountable and also adds an element of fun to your fitness routines. If you can’t find a partner, try attending a class where you can still find that camaraderie.

Hire a personal trainer

People can easily get demotivated when they find they are not getting the results they want or have hit the point where they are not making progress. A personal trainer can be a necessary solution to get you over the hump. They are also great at helping your find your motivation and at holding you accountable.

Whatever the reason, if you find yourself losing motivation with your fitness training, the important thing is to not give up. Remember, lifelong fitness is a journey and not a quick fix. As long as you keep moving forward, you will get through the downs and able to celebrate the ups!

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About Greg Putra

Fitness has been a big part of Greg’s life. From baseball and football to running and weight training, he has always been involved in some facet of fitness. His motto is, “Keep it simple.” He helps his clients focus on taking the small steps necessary to meet their goals. He understands that everyone has a different approach and goal in mind to what it means to be physically fit. His experience in mindfulness and as a corporate manager gives him a unique perspective on how to focus his client’s efforts to meet their goals.

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    lynne gunn February 10, 2019 9:11 am #

    Pam, YOU are my partner in crime!!

    • Pam Strand
      Pam Strand February 13, 2019 5:38 pm #

      Thanks, Lynne! It’s a great pleasure to be on this journey with you! = Pam

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