Fear of Rest Days

I’ve jumped on and off the health and fitness train all of my life. I have ups and I have downs, but consistency was always something I struggled with. Enter my fear of rest days.

When I was on, I was on. I pushed hard and fast.

I remember I would workout hard every day because I was afraid. I was afraid if I stopped, that would be the end. I was literally afraid to rest my body.

I didn’t trust myself that health and fitness were a permanent part of my life. I didn’t trust that if I stopped, I would get back up. One rest day would lead to two. Then life would happen and next thing you know it’s four or five days since my last workout. I would self-sabotage and beat myself up, as if missing those workout days made me a failure.

TimeInGymYour body needs to rest. Your mind needs to rest. You need to rest. It’s a non-negotiable. You will run out of fuel. You will burn out if you don’t take the time to recharge the batteries. Not only that, your results will suffer.

Muscles grow during rest, not during activity. Rest is a critical part of seeing results.

Rest, as it turns out, taught me more about fitness than my workouts did! Rest taught me to respect the needs of my body. Rest taught me that it is okay to trust myself. I’m in this for life. If life happens and I miss a workout, that’s ok. We stay on the train, and we get it in the next day!

Don’t be afraid to rest. Don’t be afraid to respect your body’s limits and give it what it needs to thrive outside of the gym. After all, we put the time in at the gym so that our lives outside can be fuller and richer.

Be strong and fit without injuring (or re-injuring) yourself!

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Get in shape and enjoy your active life!

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