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Pam & her Mother

Over the years of working as a personal trainer, I have learned that success during the fitness journey has almost nothing to do with physical ability, and everything to do with your mental game. It’s what goes on inside our heads that keeps us in the game – regardless of what is happening with our bodies.

I saw this lesson at play during most of my life, as I watched my mother age with dignity and grace. On her 80th birthday, she told me that she had led a wonderful life. Yes, there were a few bumps along the way, but she had had a great life and was looking forward to several more years of living.

The few “bumps” in life that my mother referred to were being a widow at the age of 51, having both hips and knees replaced, and surviving a bout of cancer. Despite what life sent her way, my mother kept going. At her funeral, my brother described her as the epitome of a frontier woman. She was someone who was determined, strong minded, self-reliant and never turned away from a challenge.

I am not sure she even viewed those “bumps” as challenges. She just kept going because she enjoyed living. And the energy generated by her perspectives positively influenced her life.

How did she do that?

Here’s what I learned from her and from my clients who were most successful in their fitness journeys (and lives)!

Live unencumbered!

Pam & her Mother

Judgment on how things should or should not be bogs us down. Living from the perspective of what is right or wrong is draining. The more that we can let go of judgments, the more energetic and positive we will feel. And the more we will be able to accomplish.

My mother was a master of this. For her, life was a matter of deciding what you were going to do about an event or situation. She was not one to ruminate on why something happened to her or why life didn’t turn out differently. She accepted the current circumstances and moved on from there.

One of the most important things we can do on a fitness journey is to let go of our perceptions of how we are supposed to be or are supposed to accomplish. It doesn’t really matter how fast you ran or how thin you used to be. Nor does it matter that you have always struggled with your weight. Those thoughts only cloud our current journey. Accept where you are today and ask yourself where you want to go from here — then take action.

Own your thoughts and beliefs!

Many people abort their fitness journeys because they are “not feeling it,” feel intimidated, or deem themselves a failure because it is harder than they thought. Others don’t even start because they believe they are unmotivated, lazy, and too out of shape to even try.

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Some of my most successful clients have found exercise boring and distasteful, but they kept at it anyways. They had a knack for taking responsibility for their thoughts and beliefs. And when they did, they recognized the power of shifting their views. A workout became a dose of preventative medicine and a savings of medical costs down the road. They created a perspective that regular exercise was changing their lives and their bodies one workout at a time. 

Change your thoughts and beliefs, shift your energy, and find a new level of success!

Be inquisitive!

My mother was a lifetime learner. Whether it was taking a class at the local college in her 80’s, learning to ski in her 50’s, or seeking out a view different than hers, she lived with an inquisitive and open mind. That served her well as she aged, especially with her fitness.

My mother was always active – walking, swimming, golfing, and fishing (yep, she loved to fish). When her arthritic knees forced her to give up golfing, she switched to swim classes, cardio machines, and lifting weights. When it came time to move to a retirement community, her fitness became frequent walks down the hallway using her walker.

Keeping an open mind serves us all well in our fitness journey. It brings a willingness to change and generates more creativity and resourcefulness. When your knees or back hurt, instead of giving up, keeping an open mind enables us to work around the situation and find new solutions.

With an open mind, we can more easily and more positively move through the inevitable ebbs and flows of the journey.

The energy in our lives holds us back or moves us forward. It predicts the way we experience life and what we achieve. This is particularly true in fitness.

Enjoy living with a strong, healthy an able body!

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Enjoy life with a strong, healthy, and able body!

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