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How to lift weights when you are older – Part 2

In a recent blog post, I began a conversation about “how to lift weights when you are older.”  Today, I want to add to that conversation with two additional points that will help keep you injury- and pain-free as you progress in your strength training program.    Personalization is key; older bodies have their idiosyncrasies. […]

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Total Body Fitness

Four Ways to Make Fitness Motivating and Engaging

The most engaging and satisfying workouts are full or total body workouts.  At least that is what I have discovered in my 14+ years as a personal trainer.  And since an engaging and satisfying workout is one that will keep you coming back; a total body workout means SUCCESS!!!   For me a full body […]

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Read this before you skip your next workout

Even the most dedicated experience a slump and don’t want to do their workouts. It is a normal part of the fitness journey.  But the next time you feel like skipping your workout, read this first.  I hope one of my “Ten Questions” to ask yourself before you skip a workout will speak to you and […]

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Now that it’s the beginning of summer, more people are working much harder to get that beach worthy body. With all that stress you are putting on your body, over working could cause unwanted soreness or injury. Here are some ways to ease the pain or at least minimize it. Move around – Decrease stiffness […]

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Engage your core

In every one of my training sessions, I’ve always been told to engage my core. In workouts, you always want to engage your core for an ab workout. You would be surprised at how much a strong core is important for an everyday life. You use your core everyday when you sit up, sit down, […]

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New to the gym?

If you don’t workout at the gym often and are self-consious because of the “regulars”, check out these easy tips to ease out of those gym jitters. 1. Test the waters. Try going to the gym at a time where they are less likely to be busy. Ex: midmorning or early afternoon. You are able […]

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Spring is here! Summer is coming!

The weather is starting to pick up and its getting warmer outside. Time to put those UGGS away and bring out the gym shoes and sandals! This Summer you will be hitting the beach and the pools. You still have time to get your Summer body back from this harsh Winter, so I have one […]

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Calling all new mom’s!

We had great results from our first Fit Moms Workshop.  The moms loved it.  They loved getting their bodies back in shape, and they enjoyed sharing the camaraderie of working out with other new moms. One participant had this to say! “Of course I will be back. I’m happy to share this with others as […]

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