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What Trainer & Nutritional Coach, Kecia Eats In One Day

This is my typical breakfast. I cannot start the day without two cups of coffee with half and half. I workout in the morning so I don’t want a lot in my stomach but skipping breakfast is not an option! I’m trying to eat more protein these days so I tend to choose high protein yogurts and also make […]

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Q&A with Expert Trainer, Monica Dzarnowski

I interviewed one of Strand Fitness’s trainers, Monica Dzarnowski on healthy habits, exercise, nutrition, and how she motivates her clients to success. My favorite comment from Monica is: Lauren // What are your own personal motives for exercising, eating well, and general self-care? Monica // My motive for exercising is simple, I love the way I feel during and after […]

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Struggling to eat well? How engaged are you?

For some people, changing the way they eat for the better is one of the most difficult aspects of a fitness journey. And don’t even talk about keeping the changes intact – IMPOSSIBLE!!! Why is that? Knowing what to change can be a huge obstacle. Having enough time can be a barrier as well. Most […]

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Anchor your eating habits

As we enter the season of cookies, pies, and gravy, anchoring your eating habits will help you move through the holiday season with less stress and fewer extra pounds.   HABIT #1 EAT TILL YOU ARE 80% FULL. Did you know that if you eat till you are 100% full, you are actually overeating? Your […]

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Nutrition and My Fitness Journey

We all have challenges within our fitness journey – those aspects where progress is more or most difficult. For me, it is nutrition. I know what proper nutrition looks like, and I know what works best for me. I tell people if you put a piece of chocolate cake next to a serving of broccoli […]

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How to Combat Emotional Eating

Overcoming emotional eating is a significant concern for many people focused on improving their fitness and health. In fact, 66% of women who responded to a recent survey conducted by Precision Nutrition said that emotional eating is an area where they need the most guidance. If you struggle with emotional eating, here are some helpful […]

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Food – Friend or Foe?

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself what nutrition means to you and what you want the food you eat to do for you and your life? It is an enlightening exercise to do so. This question popped into my mind the other day. I like when questions like this pop into my mind. […]

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Being happy and being fit

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” === Thomas Merton Over the past few weeks, I have been reflecting upon this quote.  It speaks to me on so many levels. If I think about fitness, it tells me that happiness is not about how “hard I get after […]

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Be around the people who give you high fives.

In his previous blog post on “The 25lb Push,” Jeremy Bradley mentioned, “stick with people that lift you up.” This is incredibly important, especially when you are making lifestyle changes to meet your health and fitness goals. Are your friends aware of your goals? If not, tell them! Let them know your goals, why they […]

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Losing Weight – Before You Jump on a Band Wagon

It’s always surprising to me that – with everything that’s being published on the subject of weight loss, diets, and nutrition – I still run into deep ignorance on the subject.  Very often on the part of people otherwise smart and intelligent.  I’ve had numerous conversations about drastic diets, miracle cures, surgical solutions to weight […]

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