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Three Positive Thinking Tips for the Busy Mind

Typical, Daily Life Thinking No matter where you look these days there always seems to be something to be upset about. Whether you are involved in the political climate that seems to be cascading around us all, or just struggling to get through your day to day life, everything can constantly seem to pile up […]

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Here’s How to Create Peace of Mind and Life

Like many busy people, my mind races all day.   As an owner of a personal training studio, my mind is always “on” as I work with my clients and grow my business.  I am coordinating, planning, strategizing, and analyzing most of the day.  The hours can be long, which means I sometimes short-change taking […]

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Pam Strand Yoga

Learning how to get your hands dirty and enjoy life

I recently told someone that I have not been working from a place of inspiration in a long time.   She was surprised, and I was too.  She wondered how I could do the personal training work that I do, helping people create change in their lives in order to achieve fitness and health goals, […]

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Morning Stretching & Breathing

Starting Off the Morning Like many people, my first thought in the morning is, “I can’t wait to get to my cup of coffee.” But I do try to stop myself on most mornings and do a little stretching and breathing to wake up my mind, wake up my body and get myself focused for […]

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Pam Strand Yoga

Whoa – what did you just ask me?

Productivity in Life Recently, I read an article that reminded me of the beauty and power of a well-placed question that can change the course of your life.  The subject of the article was productivity tips from young entrepreneurs.  It was filled with some great, expansive ideas on how to be creative, focused, and energized […]

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Fitness and Exercise is Social – and that is good!

Struggling with Solo Workouts  For my whole life, (okay, maybe not my whole life, just since I was five), I have been exercising in a group.  I started swimming competitively at the age of five and have just recently taken a sabbatical at the age of 53 (you do the math). And with my work […]

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