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When Your Workout Is… Meh

Last week, I walked into the gym ready to rock. It was leg day and I had myself all psyched up. See, it’s not that I like squats. In fact, I’m usually cursing my way through them, but I love the way they make me feel when I’m done. I feel strong, and I feel […]

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A Rant on Fitness at 56 years old

I am a 56 year old personal trainer and believe that my industry and the fitness media do such a disservice to those of us who are “slightly older.” The images suggest that you have to be young and ripped to participate in fitness. The marketers tell us we must get in touch with our […]

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Two Ways to Make Holiday Fitness Happen

Just because we have entered the holiday season doesn’t mean we have to boot exercise off our schedule. Let’s anchor our exercise so we can continue to feel strong, confident, and healthy all the way till January! BE CONSISTENT Plan your holiday schedule around your workouts; don’t plan your workouts around your schedule. For example, […]

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Read this before you skip your next workout

Even the most dedicated experience a slump and don’t want to do their workouts. It is a normal part of the fitness journey.  But the next time you feel like skipping your workout, read this first.  I hope one of my “Ten Questions” to ask yourself before you skip a workout will speak to you and […]

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The Case for Strength and Conditioning

Scientific evidence continues to tell us that strength and conditioning are keys for staying young, healthy, and fit.  When a person is strong and in shape, their brain and body function more optimally, they get sick less often, they reduce their risk of serious illness, they stave off the affects of aging, and they look […]

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How we lost (and are keeping off) 110 pounds!

Many personal trainers have their own story of body (and life) transformation. This is true at Strand Fitness.  Pam Strand, owner, and Bob Peterson, personal trainer, have lost a combined total of 110 pounds in their journey.  (Pam lost 70 pounds; Bob lost 40 pounds) Asked to look back and share their secrets of success, […]

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Cross-Training: How To have Fun and Avoid Injuries

What is Cross-Training?  In competitive athletes’ world it refers to athletes training in sports other than the one they compete in – with a goal of improving overall performance.  Some athletes compete at a high level in two or more sports – usually starting at a very young age – before they decide to select […]

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Strong muscles as we age

Why do we need to stay strong?  For the rest of our life? How many of us actually understand that need and do something about it? As the time does inevitable damage to our hair, skin, teeth, bones, arteries, internal organs…ugh…we may panic or plainly give up.  So what, so we are just getting older, […]

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Ten Reasons to Focus on Fitness During the Holidays!

Stay Fit & Healthy this Holiday Season! Here are ten reasons to focus on fitness during the holidays: Exercise reduces stress and increases energy. Your body appreciates structure and routine; the more you stick to your workout schedule, the better you will feel. Exercising improves mental focus and clarity.  And it makes it easier to […]

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