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“Motivation is the desire to achieve and the confidence to do so. “

–Lavery & Associates

Motivation is a tricky thing in life, particularly on the fitness journey.  A lack of motivation can feel like an insurmountable obstacle to accomplishing fitness goals, whether that be to build strength, lose weight, or look and feel better.  When you are feeling a lack of motivation, you may feel sluggish or stuck.  It can be very difficult to figure out how to find your “mojo” – that magical power that gets you in the game and keeps you moving forward. 

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Confidence is often the missing link

When personal training clients tell me they lack the motivation to achieve their fitness goals, we soon discover that it is really a matter of confidence.  Most people have a very strong and compelling desire to be fit but feel somewhat powerless to succeed.   This uncertainty negatively impacts their motivation for the task at hand.

They may doubt their ability to rearrange their schedules or to reign in their eating habits.  They could be shy about getting out of their comfort zone or maybe deep down, they don’t believe they are worth the effort.  Fear of injury and being feeling judged stops many people before they even start.   All of these impact one’s confidence in success and, therefore, negatively impact a willingness to try.

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The case for more confidence

More confidence increases motivation and willingness to put forth the effort on the fitness journey.  With higher degrees of motivation, you are more apt to work harder, be more consistent, move through problems and challenges rather than get stuck, and get better results. You are less prone to the starts and stops that characterize many fitness efforts.  Most importantly, building your confidence prepares you to succeed over the long run. 

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Collaborating with a personal trainer builds confidence

Over the years, I have found that working one-on-one with a personal trainer provides a tremendous boost to one’s confidence.  I see it in our personal training clients.  And I know it personally in my own journey.  When I have been distracted from or uncertain with my fitness efforts, I have turned to my swim coaches and my personal trainers for help.  By tapping their expertise, we made changes to my workouts to accommodate my work schedule and my aging body.  They’ve helped me keep moving through stressful times in my life.  And they have worked to help keep my body injury-free.  I have found this highly collaborative process informative and inspiring.

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Add in accountability, and you have a magic formula for success

A personal trainer is going to hold you accountable.  You have your sessions on the calendar; they expect you to show up.  They have a workout designed especially for you; they are going to lead and challenge you to get through the workout.  And they are going to ask you what you did in between sessions to advance your fitness goals.  Knowing that their are working hard to help you reach your goals helps you bring your “A” game.  This accountability brings structure and consistency to your journey.  You can count on it.  Having this steadfast support is also a foundation for upping the confidence meter.

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Pam Strand is the owner of Strand Fitness, a personal training studio in Downtown Wheaton, serving Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream, Winfield, & Chicago Western Suburbs. To learn more about how Strand Fitness can help you reach your fitness goals, contact Pam (630 653 8152) and schedule your free fitness consultation. You can also learn more about our fitness solutions here:

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