Trading in Expectations for Trust

My yoga practice has taught me that something awesome and kinda magical happens when you show up with all you got, accept where you are at, and make choices out of honor and respect. When I step on my yoga mat, I let go of any expectations and any judgments. There are no goals in […]

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Hip Pain: So you Literally Have a Pain in your Butt

The following post was written by Adam Muehler from Athletico Physical Therapy, Wheaton East. I’m referring to the ache in the back of your hip that’s been there for a few weeks. First, you thought it would just go away. Next, you talked to a family member or friend, who recommended “rubbing this cream on […]

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Fear of Rest Days

I’ve jumped on and off the health and fitness train all of my life. I have ups and I have downs, but consistency was always something I struggled with. Enter my fear of rest days. When I was on, I was on. I pushed hard and fast. I remember I would workout hard every day […]

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When Your Workout Is… Meh

Pumped Up Down… Last week, I walked into the gym ready to rock. It was leg day and I had myself all psyched up. See, it’s not that I like squats. In fact, I’m usually cursing my way through them, but I love the way they make me feel when I’m done. I feel strong, […]

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Take Care of Your Injury Sooner Rather Than Later

The following post was written by Dan Czajkowski a Physical Therapist from Athletico Physical Therapy, Wheaton East. We’ve all been there at one point or another. Dealing with daily pain can be a constant ritual of our day just like eating breakfast or combing your hair. It can be easy to accept that getting older comes […]

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The Road to Unconditional Self-Love

In college, I started a terrible relationship with my body and food. Looking back, there were several factors that contributed to it: My body changed since I wasn’t as active as I was in high school. I lived on my own since my roommate moved in with her boyfriend. I lived in the same dormitory […]

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Struggling to Eat Well? How Engaged Are You?

For some people, improving eating habits is one of the most difficult aspects of a fitness journey. And don’t even talk about keeping the changes intact – IMPOSSIBLE!!! Why is that? The Challenges of Eating Well Knowing what to change can be a huge obstacle. Having enough time to plan meals can also be a […]

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Loving Your Goals Past January

Yes, setting resolutions or goals is awesome. It drives us to evolve and lights the fire. But sometimes, we get so caught up in the destination, that we forget to fully engage in the present. We can get frustrated when we are here, but want to be over there. If we keep focusing on what […]

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7 Essential Mental Skills for Fitness

Every once in awhile, I play a game with myself. I try to identify the ONE limiting factor for clients in their quest for fitness. While I am never able to land on one constraint, I do usually end up with a relatively short list. And my list typically includes the key aspects of the […]

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Pam Strand Personal Trainer

A Rant on Fitness at 56 years old

The Fitness Stereotype I am a 56 year old personal trainer and believe that my industry and the fitness media do such a disservice to those of us who are “slightly older.” The images suggest that you have to be young and ripped to participate in fitness. The marketers tell us we must get in […]

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