Down time=workout time

When it comes to workouts, consistency and persistency are best. If you can’t get to the gym, working out at home is a good option. Even if you are busy at home, , take a couple breaks to do some at home workouts. Put your down time to good use. Be creative! When you’re waiting […]

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Engage your core

In every one of my training sessions, I’ve always been told to engage my core. In workouts, you always want to engage your core for an ab workout. You would be surprised at how much a strong core is important for an everyday life. You use your core everyday when you sit up, sit down, […]

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Start of Summer Stress

The beginning of summer can be very stressful. Whether it’s starting a new job, or the end of an old one, change is stressful. This winter/spring has been a little strange when it comes to weather, so that had an impact on moods. Now the weather is picking up fast and it seems as though […]

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New to the gym?

If you don’t workout at the gym often and are self-consious because of the “regulars”, check out these easy tips to ease out of those gym jitters. 1. Test the waters. Try going to the gym at a time where they are less likely to be busy. Ex: midmorning or early afternoon. You are able […]

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Spring is here! Summer is coming!

The weather is starting to pick up and its getting warmer outside. Time to put those UGGS away and bring out the gym shoes and sandals! This Summer you will be hitting the beach and the pools. You still have time to get your Summer body back from this harsh Winter, so I have one […]

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Don’t Delay. Do Something Today.

Stop saying you’ll do it tomorrow, there’s no time, you just don’t FEEL it today.  Take care of yourself today, and thank yourself tomorrow.  Whether you eat right or hit the gym, do it today.  Because today is the beginning.  Exercise to be fit, not skinny.  Eat to nourish your body, not fill it.  Don’t […]

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Everyone is excited about new faces!

Last Saturday was the second day of Fit Moms. It is now a class where you can sign up for the days that you are able to attend. There are many new faces along with familiar faces from last week. A mom from last week had commented, “I don’t remember sweating last week,” she said […]

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Moms are getting fit at Strand Fitness

We started our second Fit Mom workshop series today, led by Kristina Weller.  She focused on helping new moms learn post natal bodywork and fitness techniques to get back in shape “post baby.”  We are off to a great start.  The women enjoyed learning about balance, core work, and posture.  They also enjoyed the company […]

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Yes, You Can Be Fit!

I am working on some speeches that I am going to be giving in April, and I was anticipating the question that gets asked many times…. “What is the one thing that a person can do to get fit?” Or said in a different way, “What is the single thing that gets in people’s way?” […]

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Calling all new mom’s!

We had great results from our first Fit Moms Workshop.  The moms loved it.  They loved getting their bodies back in shape, and they enjoyed sharing the camaraderie of working out with other new moms. One participant had this to say! “Of course I will be back. I’m happy to share this with others as […]

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