Anchor your eating habits

As we enter the season of cookies, pies, and gravy, anchoring your eating habits will help you move through the holiday season with less stress and fewer extra pounds.


Did you know that if you eat till you are 100% full, you are actually overeating? Your body doesn’t need nor want to be 100% full. Instead, you want to eat till you are satiated, or till you have lost the feeling of hunger. Another way of looking at this is, “eat till you are 80% full.”

How do you do it?
Pay attention to your body. It will tell you when it is satisfied, but you need to be listening. If you are watching TV or reading emails, you could easily miss your body’s message. If the term “satiated” is new to you, take time to discover and recognize what it feels like. Habit number two will help you get there!


It takes time for your stomach to communicate to your brain. If we shovel down our food, we will be tempted to overeat because our brain will tell us that we are still hungry when in reality our stomach is saying “STOP,” but our brain hasn’t gotten the message yet. And let’s not forget about habit number one, “eat till you are 80% full.” If you don’t eat slowly, you can bypass the 80% and go right to 100% or more. Give your body time to physically and mentally process your meal!

How do you do it?
Set your fork/spoon down in-between bites. Chew. Sip. Think about all the different layers of flavor and textures in your meal. Be present to the people with whom you are sharing a meal.

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