A Momentary Lapse of Reason

Life Happens

Memorial Day weekend recently passed and I had family visiting for my daughter’s graduation. The house was full of wonderful energy and conversation. It was also filled with many foods I normally don’t allow in my house — and for good reason!

Trigger foods (mine are sweets) can wreak havoc on me, and they did! I can only describe it as a food “bender.” I let my checks and balances fall by the wayside and allowed the food and drink frenzy take over. After the weekend ended, I put back on my accountability hat and stepped on the scale.

If you know that lyric from the popular Talking Heads Song, Once in a Lifetime where David Byrnes exclaims: And you may say yourself, “My God! What have I done?” That was me! I couldn’t believe just how high the numbers on the scale raised in a week!

Reality Check v. Reality

The smack in the face reality check left me annoyed at my lack of control. I was annoyed at how I undid a lot of the hard work I put in to losing weight and annoyed that I gave myself a pass to go AWOL just because it was a special occasion. Despite the momentarily lapse of reason, my fitness journey was not completely derailed.

I don’t think I’m alone with these incidents or the feeling of post nosh remorse. At one time or another we all slip up and fall off the nutrition and/or exercise wagon.

I saw a woman at the gym the other day that I hadn’t seen in some time and I asked her if she had been sick. She looked at me, sighed and with sad eyes said, “ I keep working out but I can’t stop eating so I keep gaining weight. What’s the point? I haven’t worked out because it doesn’t seem to matter what I do.”

She had such a look of defeat on her face.

I told this woman that gaining weight or not, she is doing her body huge favors by staying active. Even if you find weight creeping on, being active and keeping muscles firing is so important to a person’s quality of health and life!

Exercise not only benefits your range of motion and muscles, but it can also provide such positive benefits to one’s psyche! How good does it feel mentally to complete a workout? I have never finished a workout saying to myself “Gee, I wish I hadn’t done that” but I have skipped a workout and thought, “ I should have exercised.” Sometimes I need to remind myself of that from time to time.

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Use Accountability to Push the Reset Button

So this is where I find accountability so very important. My Memorial Day “food and drink frenzy” was just that: a frenzy. It was my responsibility to end it, hold myself accountable and focus on moving forward towards continuing my goals. It was 5 days out of 365 this year. Am I really going to let that slip up have the power to define my progress or let it derail me for reaching my goals in the future? No!

Fitness and nutrition is a marathon and requires choices every single day. Some days are better than others. As long as we have more good choice days than bad ones, everything will be just fine.

Get Help with Accountability Needs

Though I’m a personal trainer, I struggle just like everyone else and need someone to hold me accountable.
I used a nutrition coach to help me see and understand just what I was eating so I could drop a few pounds without compromising nutrients.

I also have a personal trainer who knows how to keep me honest and encourages endurances during my workout.

We all hit an exercise or nutritional wall at one point of another, but it’s up to us to believe we are worth the effort to take care of our bodies. With the support of a nutritional team and personal trainers, accountability and support has never been so accessible.

Diet and fitness is a personal journey for everyone but it doesn’t have to be lonely or isolating. Reaching out for guidance, accountability or support can make your goals a reality and enjoyable! To a healthy life!

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